Cultivators - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.


Cultivators are essential tools in helping create ideal soil conditions for plants to grow and develop. A properly selected cultivator will loosen and shred the soil comprehensively.

We offer machines in various configurations, so that all customers can purchase a machine that perfectly suits the character of their farms. The range includes various models of disc and tine cultivators.

With the disc cultivators, the sowing activity becomes simple and efficient. They are designed to work together with a seed drill. All the cultivators are equipped with working discs, which makes the work on the farm more efficient. What is interesting, the largest of the cultivators, the U786+U910, allows you to work with a width of up to 8 meters.

Proper soil preparation and properly performed sowing allow farmers to harvest a good quality crops. In such case, our tine cultivator is the perfect choice. They are mainly used for pre-sowing tillage after ploughing activities. They work perfectly with seed drills and have a mechanically mounted hydropack.

In addition, we have made sure the work with the tine cultivator is effective and efficient, as it can sow from 2 to 3 hectares per hour.

Our company’s cultivator is the best choice you could make. It makes the work of soil loosening and shredding efficient, but also easy and enjoyable. You must not miss out on our machinery and equipment for your farm.

Seed disc cultivators

Seed Disc Cultivator U741/1


Working width 3 m; 4 m
Seed Disc Cultivator U740/1


Working width 3 m
Seed Disc Cultivator U740


Working width 3 m
Seed Disc Cultivator U710 KRUK


Working width 4,5 m, 6 m, 7 m
Seed Disc Cultivator U786


Working width 3 m, 3,5 m, 4 m
Seed Disc Cultivator U786 and Trolley U910

Modular system "MEGA" U786+U910

Working width 8 m

Toothed cultivators

Stubble Cultivator U490


Working width 3 m, 3,5 m
Subsoiler U484


Working width 3 m
Field Cultivator U457


Working width 4 m
Field Cultivator U457 and Trolley U910

Modular system "MEGA" U457+U910

Working width 8 m




Working width 2,5 m, 3 m


Trolley U910


Trolley - U786 and U457