U484 Subsoiler - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

U484 Subsoiler

A subsoiler is an implement for breaking up and loosening the soil. These activities are to facilitate the growth of the plant's root system. Subsoiling lifts and shatters the hardpan, thus restoring the normal water-air proportions in the soil. This measure is used when the soil has dried, preferably immediately after harvesting. The unit can also be used to prepare the soil for planting shrubs, fruit trees and deep-rooted plants.

Spring protection

The subsoiler can be used on all soil types thanks to the double spring protection of the working assemblies.

Highest quality of work

A roller attachment is required when mounting the roller. The subsoiler's tine roller with a diameter of 50 cm is intended for levelling the soil after loosening. The roller tines leave channels. This lets air and water penetrate the soil.

Precise control

Copying wheels for precise control of the working depth.

Technical Specifications

U484/0 U484/1
Working width [m] 3,0 3,0
Transport width / height / length [mm] 3000 / 1440 / 2110 3000 / 1440 / 2110
Working depth [mm] max 400 max 400
Number of teeth [szt.] 6 6
Spacing of teeth [mm] 475 475
Power demand [HP] 180-220 -
Weight with teeth roller roller [kg] 2650 -
Type of protection double spring protection double spring protection


  • mechanical adjustment of supporting wheels
  • automatic spring protection


  • Roller attachment (required when mounting the roller)
  • Teeth roller (diameter Ø500mm) - hydraulic adjustment