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Bale wrappers

A tailor-made wrapper for your farm

The implements feature a simple construction and easy operation. Having applied some cutting-edge solutions in the production process, we ensured the wrappers preserve and store high quality fodder. Our range includes stationary and self-loading wrappers.

Wrapping bales is an advantageous, but quite demanding method of obtaining haylage. Special care must be taken during carriage and storage. One must keep in mind that this method is recommended for those farms having specialised equipment. Such as the bale wrappers offered by us.

These machines are used for wrapping hay bales made from grass and legumes. With you and your farm in mind, we have employed modern solutions and the best and most durable materials. High quality wrapping is ensured by extruded drums. What is interesting, the Metal-Fach wrappers have been designed in such a way that they can be used with low power engines. In addition, you can order a bale tipper, the so-called cradle.

Cutting-edge solutions and durable materials have been used in the production. For example, the use of Tecamid is noteworthy. This material was used to make the rollers on the turntable. It is an extremely durable material, resistant to abrasion and, at the same time, shows good sliding properties. The extruded drums in turn significantly improves the durability of the machine, as well as it improves the quality of wrapping.

Choosing our devices is a great investment. The bale wrappers will prove ideal for agricultural applications, even in the toughest conditions. Your farm equipped with a bale wrapper of our brand will surely gain reputation and ensure efficient work.

Bale Wrappers

Stationary Bale Wrapper Z561


Electric drive
Stationary Bale Wrapper Z560


Coupling with tractor by TPH (Three Point Hitch)

Bale Wrappers

Rear Loading Bale Wrapper Z237


Side Loading Bale Wrapper Z577


Front Loading Bale Wrapper Z593


Bale Wrapper with satellite arm Z529


Bale Wrapper with two satellite arms Z598