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Search for the right baler for your farm

The Metal-Fach balers are the most commonly used machines for collecting straw, hay and hay silage. Among the models we have to offer, you will find implements with a fixed roller chamber, chain chamber and a variable baling chamber. Choosing a baler with our brand will certainly make work on your farm much easier and more efficient.

A primary task for an agricultural baler is to collect straw and prepare it for the production of hay silage. Its major feature should be appropriate and effective baling or rolling up dry materials. Our product range includes several models of balers with different equipment and applications. Farmer! With you in mind, we have employed the latest technology of baling belts, which will let you increase your baling performance easily. If you decide to buy a Metal-Fach baler, you will also find durable equipment and original spare parts in our store.

Many years of experience have taught us that only original and tested equipment will ensure efficient work on every farm. The Metal-Fach brand is a guarantee of having a durable and reliable machine. If you equip your farm with our baler, you will certainly get the highest quality baling. In addition, we provide services for all our equipment to give you confidence that your work will not suffer any disturbance or losses caused by any downtime.

Moreover, the balers also feature a unique shape that adds elegance to the entire baling activity. It is also worth noting that several models have been awarded the KRUS label, which confirms the high quality of our machines.

You can now become the owner of a robust and reliable baler at a reasonable price. Come, test and see for yourself!

Fixed chamber balers

Baler with collector Z562


Roller baler
Bale diameter: 1200 mm
Chain baler with collector Z587


Chain baler
Bale diameter: 1200 mm, 1500 mm
Rollers and chain baler with rotor and knives Z602 RN

Z602 RN

Roller and chain baler
Bale diameter: 1200 mm

Variable chamber balers

Variable chamber baler on belts with rotor Z514


Variable chamber on belts
Bale diameter: 900-1600 mm