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Feeder wagons

Stable structure and ease of operation

The mixer feeders facilitate daily work in dairy cattle farming and it is hard to imagine running a successful farm without them today. The Metal-Fach machines come with a strong and stable structure on the one hand, and they are very easy to operate on the other. They have been designed in such a way that they make work more efficient.

If you decide to purchase our brand's mixer feeders, which meet the highest demands of modern agriculture, your farm will surely benefit from it, and tillage will become easier and more efficient.

It should be noted that Metal-Fach develops different models of mixer feeders. We employed a number of solutions in the production process, which make activities such as preparation, transport and dosing of fodder directly to the cattle feeding stations quick, easy, convenient and safe.

Metal-Fach will process custom orders according to your needs and wishes. We also give you the opportunity to test the equipment, and we are also at your disposal for after-sale servicing. We also sell all necessary and, what is more important, original spare parts. Don’t hesitate to buy Metal-Fach products.

Feeder wagons with
1 auger

Feeder Wagon with 1 auger T659 OPTIMAL


Self-supporting structure
Capacity 5-8 m3
Feeder Wagon with 1 auger T659 BEL-MIX


Frame structure
Capacity 5-13 m3
Feeder Wagon with 1 auger lowered T659 BEL-MIX

T659 BEL-MIX lowered

Capacity 5-10 m3

Feeder wagons with
2 augers

Feeder Wagon with 2 augers T659 BEL-MIX


Frame structure
capacity 12-20 m3