Front loaders - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.


Metal-Fach loader ideal for your farm

Our front loaders are implements that fit perfectly into your farm, and if well selected and customised for your tractor they will be invaluable help in many field jobs, around the house, in the forest or in the garden.

The wide range of booms in our range guarantees the best fit for your tractors. Those who find it difficult to choose will be assisted in making the best choices and ensure their farm operate efficiently, fast and neatly.

Our front loaders are made of the highest quality materials and developed on the basis of modern technology. They are a guarantee of durability and usability for many years. In addition, we have used the solution of optimum loading and tipping angles, as well as a suitable centre position.

The front loaders are mounted on tractor frames on a special support structure, and the individual models feature different load capacities ranging from 500 to 2,000 kg. The Metal-Fach loaders feature quick and intuitive installation.

These implements are ideal for loading, unloading and transporting. They also work well in the municipal services sector.

Thanks to well-thought-out technical solutions, loaders ensure efficient, comfortable and enjoyable work on each farm. So if you need a durable, efficient, safe and affordable machine, you have come to the right place.

The Metal-Fach solutions will work perfectly.

Front loaders

Front Loader T812/1


Load capacity 500/800 KG
Front Loader T229


Load capacity 1300/1600 KG
Front Loader T241


Load capacity 1300/1600 KG
Front Loader T248


Load capacity 2000 KG

Suspended loaders

Fertiliser suspended loader BIG-BAG T466


Load capacity 1000 KG
Three point suspension hitch


Load capacity 1000-3500 KG