T812 Front Loader - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

T812 Front Loader

Its applications include loading, unloading and transporting materials such as gravel, sand, mineral fertilizers, lime, manure, potatoes, beetroot, chopped wood. It is also used for transporting work on the farm.


Depending on the type of tasks to be carried out, the replaceable attachments include a bale grab, log grab, silage gripper, bale fork, manure and straw fork, pallet fork, hay/silage cutter, grapple bucket etc.


Long lasting

The structure of the loader is protected from corrosion with the use of complex technology. All parts of the device are degreased and shot-blasted, before applying coats of paint, which is an effective anti-corrosive measure, as well as being protected by means of cataphoretic coating.

Comfortable and convenient

The shock absorber eliminates shocks efficiently and ensures full comfort at work.

Work pace

Optimally selected loading and tipping angles reduce the working time, which becomes more efficient.

Technical Specifications

T812/1 T812/2 T812
Maximum lifting capacity at pivoting point [kg] 500 500 800
Lifting height [mm]* 2982 2414 3015
Weight [kg] 260 190 300
Type of support parking jack parking jack parking jack
Coupling to tractor Pins Pins Pins
Control joystick joystick joystick
Coupling of accessories EURO or SMS EURO or SMS EURO or SMS
Transport speed [km/h] 15 15 15


  • Coupling of accessories EURO or SMS


  • supporting construction with complete divider and joystick - T812/2, T812/1
  • supporting construction with complete divider and joystick - T812
  • complete hydraulic quick coupling for flat divider
  • shock absorber