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Manure spreaders

A spreader to suit your needs

The agricultural machines and implements by Metal-Fach have been appreciated for many years, by customers not only in Poland but also abroad. Those who have already decided to buy our flagship machine, the manure spreader, have no doubt that it was the best choice.

A manure spreader is an agricultural machine for distributing, shredding and spreading manure evenly across the field. It is worth noting that the Metal-Fach manure spreaders have received positive customer feedback and have been repeatedly rewarded and appreciated by specialists. They have attracted a sizeable degree of interest at every agricultural fair, so we keep expanding our range in this area as well.

We have ensured that we employ them in modern solutions, which are a guarantee of safe and efficient work. These implements feature a limited amount of vibration, which improves the comfort of use. All our manure spreaders can be taken on public roads and are easy to operate, regardless of their size.

Each machine has a different payload and each customer can choose the most suitable model for their farm. The payload to choose from are: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 tonnes.

You can see for yourself that the Metal-Fach manure spreader is a second-to-none brand, while our proficient staff will advise you on the right model for your farm. Remember that choosing our brand is a guarantee of quality and attractive prices.

Manure Spreaders

Manure Spreader N267/2 Hornet


Load Capacity 6; 8; 10 T
Manure Spreader N280/2 Batalion


Load Capacity 6; 8; 10 T
Manure Spreader N272/2 Taurus


Load Capacity 12; 14 T
Manure Spreader N272/6 Viking


Load Capacity 14; 18 T

One axle
Manure Spreaders

Manure Spreader N276 Falcon


Load Capacity 6; 8 T
Manure Spreader N275 Rotos

N274; N275 ROTOS

Load Capacity 10; 14 T
Manure Spreader N277/7 Cerberus


Load Capacity 18 T