N276 FALCON 2.0 One axle Manure Spreader - Metal-Fach

The reliable Falcon 2.0

The 2-rotor spreading adapter is 2.0 m wide for application of different fertilizers with a wide spreading range.

Falcon 2.0

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    Falcon 2.0

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    Questions? We are here to answer your questions.

      N276 FALCON 2.0 One axle Manure Spreader

      Load capacity

      6 000 kg

      Load body volume capacity

      7,7 m3

      Power demand

      85 HP

      Load capacity

      8 000 kg

      Load body volume capacity

      9,5 m3

      Power demand

      90 HP

      Load capacity

      10 000 kg

      Load body volume capacity

      11,7 m3

      Power demand

      100 HP

      Load capacity

      12 000 kg

      Load body volume capacity

      13,4 m3

      Power demand

      100 HP

      Load Capacity

      14 000 kg

      Load body volume capacity

      15,1 m3

      Power demand

      120 HP

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      Single-axle chassis

      The single-axle chassis provides better manoeuvrability, proper tractor rear downforce, and good traction. It is perfect for operation in meadows and fields with reduced tire wear and low tire engagement into the ground. The large wheels reduce the adverse effects of soil compaction.

      Longitudinal spring suspension hitch

      The FALCON 2.0 spreader features a hitch that has a longitudinal spring suspension system that reduces the dynamic loads on the drawbar eye while in operation. This improves the driving comfort when spreading manure. The structural design provides a lower loading level of the implement.

      Hydraulic scissor parking jack

      The N276 FALCON 2.0 spreaders feature a mechanical parking jack. The hydraulic scissor parking jack is optional and provides a smooth lifting adjustment when coupling the spreader to the tractor. This ensures a heavy spreader can be easily lifted.

      Spreading adapter

      Vertical 2-rotor

      The FALCON 2.0 features a 2.0 m wide vertical 2-rotor spreading adapter. The wider adapter provides better distribution of material, making your work with the implement more efficient. The two rotors are swept forward by 15°. The main working tips are replaceable blades bolted to the rotor segments. When rotating, the rotors shred the material feed and eject it to the back and the sides. The bottom section of the rotors features bladed discs, which increase the spreading width of the material.

      The vertical adapter works well with fermented, non-fermented or dry manure. The working speed is 1000 rpm.

      Floor conveyor

      Each manure spreader features a chain floor conveyor. The speed of the floor conveyor is controlled by operating a knob on the hydraulic flow control valve. To meet the expectations of our customers, Metal-Fach has introduced electronic flow controllers operated with a control panel in the tractor cab. It is no longer required to leave the tractor to adjust the floor conveyor speed directly at the spreader.

      Deflectors + mesh guard

      The standard equipment features a spreading adapter mesh guard, which is removable by hand, with permanently attached side metal sheet deflectors. The side metal sheet deflectors reduce the side throw range, but their primary function is to guard the walls.


      The optional rear deflector guard has two purposes:

      The deflectors are opened hydraulically with the commands from the tractor cab and the control valve in the rear right portion of the manure spreader can set the right-hand deflector’s position as required.

      Adapter bottom guard

      The N276 Falcon 2.0 spreaders feature a rubber safety fender at the shaft in the bottom part of the spreading adapter. This prevents drawing the manure under the spreader.

      Load body slide gate

      Hydraulic vertical tailgate

      The Falcon 2.0 has a vertical load body slide gate. It protects the adapter rotors from clogging during loading, and prevents the material from falling out in transport. The slide gate can control the application rate of loose material fed to the spreading adapter in operation.

      The slide gate is braced on purpose with the heaviest gauge at its bottom to prevent deformation by the pressure of the material against the slide gate panel and its bottom edge. The slide gate lifts to open fully over Tecamid slides to minimise friction and retain a sealed passage of loose material in transport. The slide gate bottom features a rubber strip profiled around a chain to facilitate better conformity in contact with the body floor and an improved seal.


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      Technical specification

      The Falcon 2.0 tailor-made for you

      Model N276/1 N276 N276/3 N276/4 N276/5
      Load capacity [kg]
      6 000
      8 000
      10 000
      12 000
      14 000
      Load body volume capacity [m3]
      Total length / width / height [mm]
      7970 / 2720 / 3030
      7970 / 2720 / 3140
      8970 / 2820 / 3140
      8970 / 2820 / 3290
      8970 / 2870 / 3440
      Load body inner dimensions length / width (top to bottom) / height [mm]
      4725 / 1500-1950 / 1050
      4725 / 1500-1950 / 1250
      5725 / 1500-1950 / 1250
      5725 / 1500-1950 / 1400
      5725 / 1500-1950 / 1550
      Loading height [mm]
      Power demand [HP]

      Standard equipment

      • Load body slide gate
      • 2.0 m wide 2-rotor spreading adapter
      • Folding ladder
      • Ø 50 mm fixed drawbar eye
      • Double-line pneumatic brakes
      • 520/85R38 wheels: for N276/1, N276
      • 580/70R38 wheels: for N276/3, N276/4, N276/5
      • Standard PTO shaft
      • 2-section hydraulic system
      • Mechanical parking jack (manually operated)
      • Fixed mechanical deflectors
      • Longitudinal spring suspension drawbar
      • Wheel chocks

      Optional equipment

      • 0.4 m mesh top extensions
      • 0.6 m mesh top extensions
      • Adjustable hydraulic deflectors, 2 pcs.
      • Hydraulic scissor parking jack
      • Ø40 mm fixed drawbar eye
      • Ø50 mm swivel drawbar eye
      • K80 ball drawbar eye
      • 580/70R38 wheels, 2 pcs. (N276/1, N276)
      • 650/75R32 wheels, 2 pcs. (N276/4, N276/5)
      • Hydraulic brakes
      • Wide-angle PTO shaft
      • Electronic floor conveyor control (with a wired +/- control pendant)
      • Electronic precision floor control (with stepless rotary knob)
      • Custom load body paint colour

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      Falcon 2.0 manure spreader

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