N277 CERBERUS One axle Manure Spreader - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

N277/7 CERBERUS One axle Manure Spreader

High in nutrients, which are essential for the proper growth of plants, manure is still one of the most commonly used fertilisers on large farms. It improves the physical properties of the soil significantly and is a natural substance as well. In order to be able to make the most of its potential and distribute it efficiently, it will be necessary to have functional and efficient machines.
The manure spreaders are products that have been fully-tested and recognised by the users of the Metal-Fach brand. We employed some cutting-edge technologies for comfort of work and durability of the devices. High capacity and robustness results from appropriately profiled body.

Vertical adapter

The constructors have equipped the spreader with a 2 m wide adapter. Until now, 1.5 m wide adapters have been used for single-axis spreaders. In this case, the greater width means the material is spread more widely, which affects the efficiency and effectiveness of working.

Convenient working conditions

The N277/7 spreader is equipped with working lights for night operation. In its rear section, on both the left and right sides, there are 2 working lamps illuminating the working space of the adapter. This allows you to conveniently monitor the zone of the material being spread and the operation of the device. The spreader has a lamp inside the hopper so that you can see the amount of material inside the hopper.

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity [kg] 17 700
Capacity of load-carrying body [m3] 18,7
Length/Width/Height [mm] 9490 / 2900 / 3600
Wymiary wewnętrzne skrzyni ładunkowej Length/Width/Height [mm] 6175 / 1500-2000 (dół/góra) / 1700
Loading height [mm] 2490
Power demand [HP] 140-150
Adapter vertical with 2 spreading rotors
Spreading width [mm] 8000 - 12 000


  • rear wall
  • vertical 2-drum adapter
  • deflectors
  • hydraulic tailgate
  • ladder
  • drawbar eye K80
  • wheels 650/75 R32
  • PTO shaft
  • 4-section hydraulic
  • 2-line pneumatic brakes
  • mechanic sprung drawbar
  • mechanical drum parking brake - manually operated


  • premium adapter (SISP gear, additional adapter bent blades, blades bolted to the bottom of the plate) - extra charge
  • hydraulically sprung drawbar - extra charge
  • hydraulic-pneumatic brakes - extra charge
  • electronic floor control
  • weight system MF-S-CONTROL - NEW!
  • wide-angle PTO shaft - extra charge
  • color other than standard - extra charge