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The reliable Cerberus

Model N277 CERBERUS is a single-axle manure spreader available with a load capacity of 16 tonnes and 18 tonnes. Thanks to the latest technical solutions, and engineering materials of superior quality, the model is a reliable companion for the most challenging jobs at any large farm today.


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    Questions? We are here to answer your questions.

      N277 CERBERUS One axle Manure Spreader

      Load capacity

      16 000 kg

      Load body volume capacity

      17,1 m3

      Power demand

      140-150 KM

      Load capacity

      17 700 kg

      Load body volume capacity

      19 m3

      Power demand

      140-150 KM

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      Single-axle chassis

      The single-axle design provides better manoeuvrability, proper tractor rear downforce, and good traction. It is perfect for operation in meadows and fields with reduced tire wear and low tire engagement into the ground. The large wheels reduce the adverse effects of soil compaction.

      Mechanical or hydraulic suspension drawbar

      The manure spreader features a lengthwise spring-suspended drawbar. The hydraulic version is optional. The hydraulic suspension drawbar makes it easy to level out the whole manure spreader.

      Hydraulic scissor parking jack

      Model N277 CERBERUS has a hydraulic scissor parking jack, which is very convenient given the large weight of the machine. The jack enables smooth control of implement lifting and a greater range of movement adjustment.

      Spreading adapter

      PREMIUM vertical 2-rotor version

      The N277 Cerberus manure spreaders are provided with a 2.0 m wide PREMIUM vertical 2-rotor spreading adapter as standard. The wider adapter provides better distribution of material, making your work with the implement more efficient. The adapter uses a SISP transmission for increased durability.

      The four blades of the bottom disc are set at 10° to provide better grinding and a wider spread of the material falling on the rotor disc. There are working tips bolted to the disc blades.

      The main working section has every third blade swept back and located in between of the blades fabricated from HARDOX steel flat bars. These blades provide better grinding and wider spread of the material supplied directly to the adapter rotors.

      Two 16 mm dia. rods are welded along the main rotor tube. They facilitate the cutting and removal of cords or other debris fed accidentally with the manure to prevent clogging and seizing of the rotor.

      Floor conveyor

      Each manure spreader features a chain floor conveyor. The N277 Cerberus spreaders use Vaucanson chains designed for high-tonnage implements. The chains are suitable for spreading powdery, loose materials like lime. The chains feature an immense ultimate yield strength.


      The deflectors, which are rear guards installed on the spreading adapter as standard reduce ejection of the material to the sides and protect the adapter blades for safely driving the machine on public roads.

      The deflectors are opened hydraulically with the commands from the tractor cab and the control valve in the rear right portion of the manure spreader can set the right-hand deflector’s position as required.

      Overrun beam

      The standard equipment of the manure spreader includes a rear overrun beam to protect others on the road.

      Load body slide gate

      Hydraulic vertical tailgate

      This model features a vertically lifted slide gate. It protects the adapter rotors from clogging during loading, and prevents the material from falling out in transport. The slide gate can control the application rate of loose material fed to the spreading adapter. The slide gate moves vertically to facilitate the installation of top extensions, provides free control of the opening ratio, braces the structure, and seals up the material passage. The additional brace of the entire length helps prevent deformation of the gate. The slide gate bottom features a rubber strip profiled around a chain to facilitate better conformity in contact with the body floor and an improved seal.


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      Technical specification

      The Cerberus tailor-made for you

      Model N277/6 N277/7
      Load capacity [kg]
      16 000
      17 700
      Load body volume capacity [m3]
      Total length / width / height [mm]
      9490 / 2900 / 3450
      9490 / 2900 / 3600
      Load body inner dimensions length / width (top to bottom) / height [mm]
      6175 / 1500-2000 / 1550
      6175 / 1500-2000 / 1700
      Loading height [mm]
      Power demand [HP]

      Standard equipment

      • Load body slide gate
      • Premium spreading adapter (SISP transmission)
      • Hydraulic deflectors
      • Folding ladder
      • K80 ball drawbar eye
      • 650/75R32 wheels
      • Wide–angle PTO shaft
      • 4-section hydraulic system
      • Double-line pneumatic brakes
      • Hydraulic or mechanic suspension drawbar
      • Mechanical parking drum brake, manually operated
      • Hydraulic parking jack
      • Wheel chocks
      • Electronic floor conveyor control (with a wired +/- control pendant)
      • Rear overrun beam

      Optional equipment

      • 0.5 m solid top extensions
      • 0.5 m mesh top extensions
      • Hydraulic & pneumatic brake system
      • Electronic precision floor control (with stepless rotary knob)
      • Custom load body paint colour

      Photo gallery

      Cerberus manure spreader


      Cerberus manure spreader

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