N272 VIKING Tandem Manure Spreader - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

N272/3; N272/6 VIKING Tandem Manure Spreader

High in nutrients, which are essential for the proper growth of plants, manure is still one of the most commonly used fertilisers on large farms. It improves the physical properties of the soil significantly and is a natural substance as well. In order to be able to make the most of its potential and distribute it efficiently, it will be necessary to have functional and efficient machines.
The manure spreaders are products that have been fully-tested and recognised by the users of the Metal-Fach brand. We employed some cutting-edge technologies for comfort of work and durability of the devices. Fitted with a wide, monocoque box, the N272 VIKING manure spreader ensures a wide spreading pattern.

Vertical double-drum adapter

The spreader is equipped with a special adapter that allows you to spread different types of manure, peat or compost. The implement is efficient, durable and safe.

The double-drum vertical adapter, inclined forwards, is used. The tool is fitted with interchangeable and bolted tines made of high-quality steel.

Hydraulic drive of the floor conveyor

Protection against other vehicles

The N272 VIKING spreader can be equipped with a protection against other vehicles.

Full top extension

Hydraulically lifted 0.5 m full extensions, as option.

Technical Specifications

N272/3 N272/6
Load Capacity [kg] 14 000 18 000
Capacity of load-carrying body [m3] 13,4 13,4
Length/Width/Height [mm] 7925 / 2550 / 3390 7925 / 2650 / 3445
Wymiary wewnętrzne skrzyni ładunkowej Length/Width/Height [mm] 5000 / 2000 / 1350 5000 / 2000 / 1350
Loading height [mm] 2870 2925
Kerb weight [kg] 6580 7680
Power demand [HP] 135 140-150
Adapter vertical with 2 spreading rotors vertical with 2 spreading rotors
Spreading width [mm]* 8000 - 12 000 8000 - 12 000


  • rear wall
  • vertical 2-drum adapter
  • deflectors
  • ladder
  • drawbar eye Ø 50
  • PTO shaft
  • 2-line pneumatic breaks
  • wheels 550/60-22.5 16 PR
  • 5-section hydraulic


  • hydraulically lifted full extensions 0,5 m
  • 2-drum shield horizontal adapter - extra charge
  • steering axle - Viking 18t - extra charge
  • hydraulic brakes - extra charge
  • hydraulic & pneumatic brakes - extra charge
  • ALB valve - extra charge
  • wheels 600/55-22,5 - extra charge
  • wheels 650/55-26,5 (VIKING 18t) - extra charge
  • wheels 710/45R22.5 (Viking 14t) - extra charge
  • drawbar eye fi 40 - extra charge
  • rotary drawbar eye fi 50 - extra charge
  • ball drawbar eye K80 - extra charge
  • protection against other vehicles
  • scale with electronic steering system
  • beam for loading with a crane
  • wide-angle PTO shaft - extra charge
  • 6-section divider with hydraulics, set – extra charge
  • hydraulic system without divider with electrovalve, spreading control and weigth system - extra charge
  • hydraulic system with divider with electrovalve, spreading control and weigth system - extra charge
  • color other than standard - extra charge