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Metal-Fach Technical Service

Metal-Fach Technical Service

The Metal-Fach Original Technical Service provides technical inspection and full computer-aided diagnostics of Metal-Fach machines, and should a failure happen, our service technicians will provide professional advice. Warranty and post-warranty repairs in Poland and abroad are our speciality.

Just fill out the Service Request Form available on our website or contact us directly by calling +48 85 711 07 80, which is available from Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 15:00.

What is important is that every complete service repair is put in a report and all necessary information is entered in the product’s service log.

What does the Metal-Fach Technical Service offer?

Servicing and regular inspections of farming machines guarantees their reliability. Only genuine spare parts will provide you with the safety of operation and keep your machine up and running for many years.

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Service Request

Service Requests are accepted in writing or via e-mail to our Technical Service.