T659 BEL-MIX Double-auger Feeder Wagon - Metal-Fach

Innovative BEL-MIX

The T659 BEL-MIX is an innovative mixer feeder with 2 vertical mixing augers and two discharge chutes.
It is available in capacities from 12 to 20 m3.


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    Questions? We are here to answer your questions.

      T659 BEL-MIX Double-auger Feeder Wagon

      Wóz paszowy dwuwirnikowy T659 BEL-MIX 16m3




      12-20 m3

      Wall / Floor thickness

      8 mm / 20 mm

      360o animation

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      Explore the BEL-MIX from all sides with a 360o animation.


      Compact Feeder Wagon

      The T659 BEL-MIX Double-Auger Feeder Wagon is a model that combines efficiency and innovative technology. Dedicated to large farms and designed to ensure flawless operation even under the most difficult conditions. Key advantages include a reinforced frame, a wide basket and augers that guarantee efficient and fast mixing of any type of material. Additional advantages of the machine include an ideal height-to-volume ratio, with low power requirements at the same time. In addition, they have a frame with increased cross sections and a tandem suspension.

      Inspection platform

      It allows you to control the mixing of feed in a simple, easy and safe way.

      Robust walls

      The robust walls of the container are made of S355 grade steel with increased abrasion resistance. This guarantees the highest quality and many years of machine operation.

      Wóz paszowy jednowirnikowy T659 OPTIMAL Metal-Fach Dno wanny

      Container floor

      The container floor is made of 20 mm thick S355 grade steel. The shape of the container and the matching mixing auger ensure that the ideal TMR is prepared with minimum power requirements.

      Mixing and cutting auger

      Innovation in vertical mixing

      The mixing and cutting auger made of S355 steel is mounted to the container floor. It is equipped with eight PREMIUM carbide-faced blades as standard. It is possible to retrofit the auger with an additional 2 or 3 blades.
      The auger is finished with a 10 mm thick scraper. A magnet is fitted as an option to the scraper to catch metal impurities in the TMR portion being mixed. This system significantly reduces pre-stomach injuries and disorders.

      Wóz paszowy jednowirnikowy T659 OPTIMAL Metal-Fach Przeciwnóż mechaniczny


      Two mechanical counterblades are fitted in the standard version. As an option, the machine can be retrofitted with a hydraulically controlled counterblade. The ideal arrangement of the adjustable counterblades supports the cutting and mixing process. The counterblades can be slid in or out as required.

      Anti-overflow ring

      The Mixer Feeder is fitted with a welded anti-overflow ring as standard. You can replace it with a screw-on ring.
      It is an element of the container that prevents feed from escaping during mixing and reinforces the container structure.

      Wóz paszowy jednowirnikowy T659 OPTIMAL Metal-Fach System wagowy

      Weighing system

      A versatile, programmable weighing system allows you to create feeding strategies, distribute feed according to a specific strategy and collect feeding data necessary to weigh separate feed components correctly.

      Discharge windows

      Feeding on both sides simultaneously

      Every T659 BEL-MIX Feeder Wagon in the standard version is fitted with a discharge window with discharge chutes on both sides.
      Discharge windows ensure that feed is distributed with ease directly to the feeding trough. A protective apron prevents feed from being thrown outside the trough.
      Depending on the user’s preference, the chutes can be placed on either side of the tank: front, rear, left or right.
      This makes it possible to distribute the feed in every barn, even in buildings without a separate entrance.


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      Wóz paszowy jednowirnikowy T659 OPTIMAL Metal-Fach Wóz w czerwonych barwach Wóz paszowy jednowirnikowy T659 OPTIMAL Metal-Fach Wóz w zielonych barwach
      The equipment shown in the photos may vary depending on the version chosen.

      Technical specification

      Tailor-made BEL-MIX

      Capacity [m3] 12 14 16 18 20
      Width [m]
      Length [mm]
      Height [m]
      Wheels 400/60-15,5 14PR
      Floor thickness [mm]
      Wall thickness [mm]

      The dimensions of the width and thus the floor of the Mixer Feeder as well as the inclination of the container walls can be changed by the customer. Changes to the above-mentioned dimensions affect the main dimensions of the Mixer Feeder (length, width, height). Such modifications must be agreed with the seller.

      Standard equipment

      • inspection window
      • indicator signalling that the rear window is open
      • two mechanical counter-knives
      • PTO shaft
      • planetary gear
      • welded limiting ring
      • knives installed on the mixing auger (8 items)
      • tyres 400/60-15,3
      • parking hand-brake
      • two discharge doors

      Optional equipment

      • loading bucket for solid fodder
      • limiting ring – screwed
      • extensions 30,40,50 cm
      • hydraulic knife
      • own hydraulic
      • metal catching magnet
      • additional knife
      • regulated chute 1pc
      • additional chute – extra charge
      • front conveyor 3m
      • lateral conveyor
      • movable lateral conveyor
      • rear central conveyor 2,5m
      • side folding conveyor 1m
      • side folding conveyor 1,5m
      • one-sided platform – extra charge
      • two-sided platform – extra charge
      • two speed gear-box
      • electric steering
      • weight system
      • pneumatic brake
      • hydraulic brake
      • wheels 400/60 15,3 – extra charge
      • wheels 11,5 with increased durability – extra charge
      • drawbar eye Φ40mm
      • drawbar eye Φ50mm
      • mechanic parking jack (folding) – extra charge
      • hydraulic parking jack (folding) – extra charge
      • wide – angle PTO shaft
      • Lights

      Photo gallery

      T659 BEL-MIX


      T659 BEL-MIX

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      Self-supporting structure
      Capacity 5-8 m3

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