U457 Field Cultivator - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

U457 Field Cultivator

The U457 spring-type cultivator is used for pre-sowing cultivation. The optimum working depth is 11 cm. The depth is adjusted mechanically.
Three rows of tines with dimensions of 32 x 12 mm and a wide choice of rollers allows you to work in fields with compact and clay formations to provide optimum soil aggregates.

Practical solutions

The U457 can be fitted with track eradicators with a wide duckfoot share. The track eradicators are spring-loaded to prevent damage.
The depth is adjusted smoothly by means of centimetre-scaled pins without any additional tools.

Well-levelled field

Front and rear string rollers with a diameter of 330 mm ensure good soil compaction. Installed behind the cultivator's tubular rollers, a levelling bar ensures proper levelling of the field.


The cultivator can be used on all the soil types, including stony conditions, thanks to the spring working components that consist of three rows of 32 x 12 mm tines. The working depth of the scrapers is quickly adjusted by means of cotter pins fixed in proper holes in the plough frogs, secured with locking pins.

Side plates

The U457 spring cultivator is equipped with side guards to prevent the soil from being spread sideways by the working tines and tubular rollers.

Excellent soil re-compaction

The 500 mm Crosskill rollers provide compaction of the loosened soil to obtain an optimised structure for sowing.

Work efficiency

The U457 can be combined with a second cultivator to double the working width and increase productivity.



Technical Specifications

Working width [m] 4,0
Number of discs [items] 36
Size of working elements [mm] 32x12
Working speed [km/h] 9-15
Power demand* [KM] 110-130
Transport position
Width / Height / Length [mm]
4000 / 1350 / 2820
Working position
Width / Height / Length [mm]
4000 / 1350 / 2820


  • 3 rows of teeth
  • side screens
  • front pipe roller Ø330
  • rear pipe roller Ø330
  • Crosskill roller Ø500
  • land levellers - 2 rows


  • track eradicator