U457 Field Cultivator and U910 Trolley - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

Modular system "MEGA"

U457 Field Cultivator

The U457 cultivator is used for pre-sowing cultivation, the optimum working depth being 11 cm, which can be adjusted mechanically. Three rows of tines with dimensions of 32 x 12 mm and a wide choice of rollers allows you to work in fields with compact and clay formations to provide optimum soil aggregates.


Work efficiency

The U910 modular tool carrier is designed for coupling two types of soil tillage machines to form the “Mega” system.


More convenient travel

The side sections of the U457 are folded up for travelling between the fields. Then the transporting width is only 3 m. The 550/45-R11.5 wheels ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Technical Specifications

U457 + U910
Working width [m] 8,0
Number of discs [items] 72
Size of working elements [mm] 32x12
Working speed [km/h] 9-15
Power demand [HP] 240-340
Weight w/ roller [kg] 9600