U740 Seed Disc Cultivator

A disc seed drill cultivator is designed both for tillage after ploughing and before sowing, and stubble cultivation. Its robust frame ensures the stability and durability of the machine.


Each of the toothed discs is protected by rubber shock absorbers, which allows them to copy the relief of the field. In addition, they ensure safe operation and safeguard from overloads.
  • Side plates

  • Side discs

Adjustable cultivator teeth

A spring-loaded tine scraper evens the surface and prepares it for shredding and compacting by the roller. Scraper working depth and angle can be adjusted.

Stepless adjustment

The working depth can be hydraulically adjusted by means of a re-compaction roller.

Rear rollers

It takes a carefully chosen rear roller to make sure that soil is cultivated properly. The rollers are selected based on the type of soil and the end result we seek to achieve.



Technical Specifications

Working width [m] 3,0
Number of discs [items] 24 (22 + 2 edge discs)
Diameter of main/edge discs [mm] Ø560 / Ø510
Working speed [km/h] 9-15
Power demand [HP]* 110-130
Transport position [w/ raised hydropack]
Width / Height / Length [mm]
3000 / 1380 / 2765
Working position
Width / Height / Length [mm]
3430 / 1380 / 2765


  • 2 rows of discs ø560
  • edge ø510
  • hydraulic adjustment of working depth
  • rubber shock absorbers
  • cultivator teeth
  • maintenance-free hubs SKF / NKE


  • discs 6mm with bigger cuts - extra charge
  • pipe roller ø600
  • packer roller ø500
  • u-box roller ø500
  • spring roller ø500
  • tyre wheel roller
  • rubber ring roller
  • V-ring roller
  • DD heavy roller
  • string roller 3m
  • side plates
  • side discs
  • land levellers
  • lights to U740
  • lights LED to U740