U490 NOVALIS TRIO Stubble Cultivator - Metal-Fach

U490 NOVALIS TRIO Stubble Cultivator

The cultivators are a compact 3-row machine boasting a wide range of applications. They are designed both for preliminary shallow stubble cultivation directly after finishing the harvest, as well as deep intensive cultivation at later stages.

Additional options

The disc row behind the tines also mixes straw with soil to level the field surface. The working depth set is adjusted automatically.

Highest quality of work

It is a heavy U-box roller that guarantees excellent crushing and squeezing of the soil – soil is consolidated in strips. The roller is suitable for use on heavy and damp soils. The roller has a harrow installed between its rings, which cleans and levels the field.

Technical Specifications

U490 U490/1 U487
Working width [m] 3,0 3,5 4,2
Transport width / height / length [mm] 3000 / 1510 / 3880 3500 / 1510 / 3280 4200 / 1500 / 4000
Working depth [mm] 50-300 50-300 50-300
Number of teeth [items] 10 12 14
Number of discs [items] 7 8 10
Power demand [HP] 120-190 130-210 180-260
Weight with U-box roller [kg] 2120 2340 3400


  • hydraulic adjustment of working depth
  • bolt protection
  • lights and warning signs
  • U-box roller Ø500mm
  • 3 rows of plough frogs


  • spring protection - extra charge