T703 Single Axle Agricultural Trailer

The T703 is larger and more versatile in the range of this type of single-axle trailers. Its single-axle running gear ensures good carriage conditions. Its 2 mm sideboards provide sufficient protection for the proper delivery of the material to be carried. Adequate structural rigidity and tightness, as well as low floor level are the features which make material carriage efficient and effective.


Thanks to the adequate thickness of sideboards and floor plus the construction based on open sections make the product lightweight, as well as solid and durable


The independent sideboard system allows the trailer to be unloaded on its three – rear, left and right – sides.


The sideboards can be painted a different colour to the standard one upon the customers' request.

Technical Specifications

DMC [kg] 4650
Load Capacity[kg] 3800
Weight [kg] 1140
Total length / Total width / Total height [mm] 4570-4770 / 2150 / 930-2450
Length / Width / Height of cargo space [mm] 3340 / 1890 / 500
Tipper / tipping angle (rear/sides) three-side up to 38o
Cargo space height from ground [mm] 960
Capacity [m3] 3,2


  • side wall 500mm
  • central system of walls bolting
  • chute
  • draft pole with adapter
  • drawbar eye Φ40mm
  • mechanic parking jack with supporting wheel
  • hand parking brake
  • 1-line pneumatic brake
  • tyres 10,0/75,15,3 18PR


  • extension (full) 500 mm
  • extension (net) 700 mm
  • tarpaulin with frame
  • hydraulic brake - extra charge
  • 2-line pneumatic brake - extra charge
  • over-run brake - extra charge
  • version without brakes
  • wheels 400/60 15,5 - extra charge
  • color other than standard - extra charge