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T940 Double-Axle Agricultural Trailer

The lowest size T940 double-axle trailer in the range is available in two payload variants: 5 tonnes and 6 tonnes. These are versatile machines that can be used in almost every farm. The machine features precision, durability and reliable construction.

Durable and safe

The enclosed spaces of sideboard sections have been secured with a continuous weld. All parts of the shell have been coated with two-component chemically-curing paint, which is characterised by high durability and resistance to UV. They are also fitted with cable tensioners to secure the sideboards. The sideboards of the trailer are additionally equipped with fastening cables.
The equipment is characterised by a light, reliable construction made mostly with closed sections. Both the sideboards and the tailgate are movable, which enables three-way unloading. For safety reasons, the sideboards are centrally locked. The trailers are equipped with a ⌀ 40 mm drawbar eye and a V-type drawbar as standard. In the area of the rear sideboard there is a grain discharge outlet, equipped with a lock as an option. The trailers can be fitted with a full or mesh extension, a tarpaulin with a frame and a working platform as well as a spare wheel basket with a winch as options.


The sideboards can be painted a different colour to the standard one upon the customers' request.

Technical Specifications

T940/1 T940/2
DMC [kg] 7940 9400
Load Capacity [kg] 5000 6000
Weight [kg] 2940 3400
Total length / Total width / Total height [mm] 6870-7470 / 2550 / 1800-4000 6870-7470 / 2550 / 1800-4000
Length / Width / Height of cargo space [mm] 4915 / 2420 / 600 4915 / 2420 / 500
Tipper / tipping angle (rear/sides) three-side up to 38o three-side up to 38o
Cargo space height from ground [mm] 1200 1200
Capacity [m3] 5,9 7,1


  • side wall 600mm - T940/1 / 500mm - T940/2
  • central system for walls bolting
  • wall bolting line
  • chute
  • ladder
  • draft pole type V 2000
  • drawbar eye Φ40mm
  • hydraulic and electric installation for second trailer
  • 2-line pneumatic break with entrance to second trailer
  • tyres 400/60-15,5
  • wheel chocks 2 pcs
  • plastic fenders 4 pcs.


  • extension (full) 500 mm - T940/2
  • extension (net) 1000 mm - T940/2, T940/1
  • tarpaulin with frame
  • working platform with balustrade - extra charge
  • draft pole type V (2000 mm) fi 40 reinforced- extra charge
  • daft pole type V extended (2200 mm) - extra charge
  • draft pole type Y (2100 mm) - extra charge
  • draft pole type Y extended (2350 mm)
  • drawbar eye 50mm for draft pole type Y
  • hydraulic brake - extra charge
  • 1-line pneumatic brake - extra charge
  • ALB valve - extra charge
  • wheels 19.0/45- 17 IM-07, 4 pcs. - extra charge
  • basket for spare wheel with winch
  • spare wheel 400/60-15,5
  • spare wheel 19.0/45- 17 IM-07
  • marker lights
  • protection against other vehicles
  • color other than standard - extra charge