T957 Single-Axle Agricultural Trailer - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

T957 Single-Axle Agricultural Trailer

The T957 is the largest and most versatile trailer in the single-axle range. The machine features precision, durability and reliable construction. The T957 single-axle trailer is equipped with a wide range of standard equipment and is therefore very popular compared with the competition. The trailer has a three-sided tipping body. The chassis frame is triangular, made of closed sections.



The sideboards can be painted a different colour to the standard one upon the customers' request.

Technical Specifications

DMC [kg] 7250 (hamulec pneumatyczny lub hydrauliczny)
7000 (hamulec najazdowy)
Load Capacity [kg] 5000
Weight [kg] 2180
Total length / Total width / Total height [mm] 6050-6400 / 1900-2900 / max. 4000
Length / Width / Height of cargo space [mm] 4180 / 2080 / 500
Tipper / tipping angle (rear/sides) three-side up to 38o
Cargo space height from ground [mm] 1200
Capacity [m3] 4,35
Volume, including extension [m3] 8,7


  • side wall 500mm
  • central system for walls bolting
  • chute
  • draft pole with adapter
  • drawbar eye Φ40mm
  • mechanic parking jack with supporting wheel
  • hydraulic & electric installation for second trailer
  • 2-line pneumatic brake with installation for second trailer
  • hand parking brake
  • wheels 500/50-17 16PR
  • wheel chocks 2pcs


  • extension (full) 600 mm - extra charge
  • extension (full) 500 mm
  • extension (net) 500 mm
  • tarpaulin with frame
  • working platform with balustrade - extra charge
  • over-run brake (with adjusted draft pole) - extra charge
  • hydraulic brake - extra charge
  • 2-line pneumatic brake with membrane - spring cylinder - extra charge
  • standard draft pole with drawbar eye Φ50mm - extra charge
  • non-standard draft pole with drawbar eye Φ40mm - extra charge
  • non-standard draft pole with ball drawbar eye K80- extra charge
  • marker lights
  • protection against other vehicles
  • plastic toll box
  • water tank with soap container
  • plastic fenders 2 pcs.
  • color other than standard - extra charge