Flail mower Z315 RoadCut

The Z315 offset flail mower are designed for works related to the maintenance of municipal infrastructure, urban greenery and in orchards and wooded areas. Machines of this type are used for mowing grass, shredding tree branches, cutting weeds and bushes in undeveloped areas.

Main body

Made of high-quality material. Reinforced hood with bolted double coat

Rubber curtains

Prevent hazardous objects from being ejected from under the curtain. Ensure smooth outflow of the mown material.

Metal bumper

Provides additional protection against obstacles.

Cutting height adjustment

The rear roller allows cutting height adjustment by 2 cm to 8 cm

Rotor shaft

The large diameter working shaft (159 mm), permits the use of more flails. Electronically stabilized – accurate balancing, eliminates runout


Prevents clogging of the machine and is easy to replace with bolts. Additionally mulches the material extra long teeth prevent clogging of shredding bar

Machine equipment

22-32 quick-change flail hammers, 0.8kg each

Hydraulic cylinder

Enables the machine to work on tilting and at different angles

Technical Specifications

Z315 Z315/1 Z315/2
Working width [mm] 1600 1800 2000
Mulch width [mm] 1600 1800 2000
Number of V-belts [pcs] 4 4 4
Number of flail hammers [pcs] 24 28 32
Operating range [degrees] +90-45 +90-45 +90-45
Working shaft diameter [mm] 159 159 159
Counter-blade 1 1 1
Working efficiency [ha/h] 1,2 1,35 1,5
PTO speed [rpm] 540 540 540
Hitch category II II II
Power requirement [HP] 70 85 100
Weight [kg] 800 850 900


  • 2 PTO SHAFTS (1500Nm, L-1190 wide-angle + 620Nm, L-1010 with a shear pin clutch)
  • Rear contour copying roller
  • Rotor shaft with flail hammers
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Bolted shredding-blade
  • Safety skids
  • Protective flaps