Flail mower Z022 MultiCut

The MultiCut multi-purpose shredder is designed to mulch the remains of crop plants and shred severed tree and shrub branches. It is perfect for mulching meadows and pastures.

Pulley transmission

Mounted on self-centring bearings – provide longer life and enable transmission of high torques. The machine is driven by 4 V-belts, tensioned via a bolt adjuster. Fan mounted on the large pulley to cool down the transmission and V-belts


Made from high quality material. Thickness (3mm). Sidewall (8mm). Resistant to material impact.

Terrain copying

Using wheels or a contour roller. Contour roller is mounted inside the body (debris is thrown behind it). Wheels are mounted outside the body

Cutting height adjustment

Wheels allow cutting height adjustment from 2 to 25cm. Contour roller allows cutting height adjustment from 2 to 8cm.

Hydraulic side shift

Offset working range: 400mm. Improves manoeuvrability around obstacles.


They provide additional control and protection. Can be quickly replaced. Made of 5mm wear resistant “RAEX” steel

Main rotor shaft

Electronically stabilized – accurate balancing, eliminates runout. Its large diameter permits the use of more flails

Possibility of mounting Y blades or flail hammers on the working shaft.

Technical Specifications

Z022/1 Z022/2 Z022/3
Working width [mm] 2000 2500 2800
Schredding width [mm] 2000 2500 2800
V-belts quantity [pcs] 4 4 4
Flail quantity [pcs] 32 40 46
Knife quantity [pcs] 64 80 92
Main shaft diameter [mm] 159 159 159
Work efficiency [ha/h] 1,7 2,0 2,2
PTO speed [rpm] 540 540 540
3pt linkage category II II II
Power requirement [HP] 40 50 75
Weight with wheels [kg] 517 574 632
Weight with roller [kg] 481 545 604


  • Hydraulic side shift
  • Openable rear flap
  • Rear roller or wheels
  • Working shaft equipped with flail hammers or Y-blades
  • Mowing height adjustment
  • Shredding-blade
  • Side skids
  • V-belt tensioner
  • protective flaps


  • PTO shaft with shear pin clutch (leopard 200: 620nm – leopard 250 and 280: 830nm)