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T935/6 Trailer with a sliding system

Mainly due to its functionality and versatility, the T935/6 trailer is designed for farm work done virtually all year round. It can transport materials such as silage, corn grains, cereals, potatoes, beetroot, compost, bales, gravel, snow, and of course manure, which can be carried all year round as well as spread once the adapter is installed.

The main advantage of the T691 is undoubtedly its versatility. But not only
- up to 60% more load thanks to the option of compacting volumetric cargo, depending on the type of cargo and the degree of humidity
- unloading in low livestock buildings
- low oil consumption thanks to a telescopic cylinder not being installed
- unloading stability on uneven terrain (safety)
- control of unloading speed
- even distribution of the material during the sliding process on a stockpile
- simple and reliable sliding system suitable for heavy loads too
- turning the trailer into a manure spreader after installing the adapter, which is included in the two-in-one-implement option
- using different suspensions – parabolic or boogie springs
The trailer is unloaded by means of a wall sliding together with a part of the floor. These components are actuated by a hydraulic system and three specially selected hydraulic cylinders. The oil requirement is only 35 L. The unloading speed can be adjusted steplessly by means of a special valve. The front wall is also fitted with a tilt adjustable perforated extension (hydraulic, optionally) to protect the tractor and operator during manure spreading as well as to increase the capacity of the box.
The support frame made of strong sections, parabolic or boogie suspension, box walls with reinforcements to prevent deformation, all increase the tightness during unloading, mounted at an angle, polyurethane sealing of the sliding wall. The floor and wall slides are made of high-strength abrasion-resistant material.

Technical Specifictions

Load Capacity [kg] 18 000
Weight [kg] 7000-8500*
Total length / Total width / Total height [mm] 8500 / 3000* / 3600*
Length / Width / Height of cargo space [mm] 6600 / 2380 / 2000
Cargo space height from ground [mm] 1500*
Volume [m3] 32
Unloading time [sec] 32