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Protective coatings

For automatic abrasive blasting prior to the coating and galvanizing of medium and large parts, we use a modern, automatic shot blasting machine that is supplied with the latest surface cleaning technologies, including a suspended lift and impellers, as well as continuous rotation and oscillation of the suspension.

Max. dimensions of shot blasted details:
» max. diameter: 2,000 mm
» max. length 2,500 mm

This technology involves spraying powder using guns and compressed air. Max. dimensions of objects to be coated in the spray booth are:

» length: no limit
» width 1,200 mm
» height 1,900 mm

Dimensions of the oven working chamber:
» length 4,400 mm
» width 2,400 mm
» height 2,200 mm

We obtain even distribution of paint on the surface of a work piece, with no local bulging or irregularities, by using hydrodynamic piston pumps and spray pack appliances. They are perfect for spraying all kinds of water-based emulsion paints, enamels, solvents, etc. Spray painting provides excellent coverage and a beautiful and smooth surface.

Coatings obtained in our modern-technology galvanizing plant feature high pressure plating bath, excellent durability, adhesion to surface and attractive appearance. We have two galvanising baths with dimensions of:

» length 1,000 mm
» width 800 mm
» height 1,200 mm

The zinc plated coatings undergo passivation, which significantly improves zinc resistance to corrosion and various mechanical damage.