Shredder Z313 ProfiCut

This heavy-duty machine is ideal even for the toughest conditions. The Z313 model is primarily designed for shredding straw and other crop remains, maize corn or sunflower stalks.

Openable rear door

Allows the mower to allow high volume material to be thrown out. Prevents accumulation of mowed mass inside the machine

Suspension frame

Extra-reinforced to withstand the toughest conditions


Made of high-quality material. Double-reinforced

Contour following

With the help of support wheels

Main rotor flails

46 flail hammers, each weighing 1.5kg. Electronically stabilized – accurate balan-cing, eliminates runout


Extend the service life of the machine . Quick-change design. They provide additional protection and control

Metal stone guard

Additionally protects the shredded material from projecting debris

Technical Specifications

Working width [mm] 3200
Schredding width [mm] 3200
V-belt quantity [pcs] 2x3
Flail hammer quantity [pcs] 46
Main shaft diameter [mm] 219
Work efficiency [ha/h] 2,5
PTO speed [rpm] 540
3pt linkage category II
Power requirement [HP] 120
Weight [kg] 1400


  • PTO shaft (620nm, l-1010 with one-way clutch + 900nm friction clutch)
  • Gearbox with a freewheel
  • Hindged rear door
  • Reinforced frame
  • Support wheels
  • Working shaft with flail hammers
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Skids
  • protective metal stone guards