Rotary mower Z026 RotorCut - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

Rotary mower Z026 RotorCut

Our product portfolio includes suspended rotary mowers for cutting all vegetation on meadows and fields. High speed discs ensure excellent quality and efficiency of mowing. Proven suitability for small to big scale farming. Only the best materials and components supplied by established Polish producers are used for the manufacture of Metal-Fach mowers. Solid and durable structure ensures long and reliable operation of our machinery.

Three-point hitch

One folded steel profile, which significantly increases hitch durability (unlike welded profiles)

Top cover

Extra-reinforced with a solid frame. Streamlined shape prevents the gathering of waste on the surface

Belt transmission

Drive is transmitted via 4 V-belts. A freewheel clutch to protect the drive line.

Protective tarpaulins

Canvas tarpaulin made of high-quality material provides perfect protection against flying objects escaping from underneath the machine. Reinforced along the bottom edge with a rubber collar

Breakback safety system

If the mower hits an obstacle, it swings back automatically.

Cutting-height adjustment

Spacer rings on the plate.

Technical Specifications

Z026 Z026/1 Z026/2 Z026/6
Working width [mm] 1350 1650 1850 2100
Swath width [mm] 600 700 800 ?
Working efficiency [ha/h] ~1,0 ~1,5 ~2,0 ~2,5
Number of blades [pcs] 4 6 6 8
PTO speed [RPM] 540 540 540 540
Hitch category I/II I/II II/III II/III
Power requirement [HP] od 25 od 40 od 60 od 70
Weight [kg] 300 349 410 562


  • reinforced metal cover
  • Metal cover with barries - Z026/6
  • protective tarpaulin
  • breakback device
  • Mechanical folding for transport position
  • hydraulic folding for transport position – Z026/6
  • PTO shaft 460Nm L-860 - Z026/6
  • knife quick-change tool
  • set of spare knives
  • adjustable lower-hitch pivot pins


  • Hydraulic lift – makes it easier to fold the machine for transport. It includes a mechanical lock preventing the mower from folding out to the working position in case of hydraulic failure.
  • PTO shaft (560 Nm, L710)