Front-mount disc mower Z093 FrontCut

The disc mower Z093 – 3 metres of working width - front disc mower is designed for larger farms. This machine works very well in combination with the rear-mounted BrurCut Z011 mower to exceed 6 metres of working width. This combination reduces cutting time and fuel consumption.

Cross covers

Protects joints of PTO shaft and transmission.

Gearbox transmission

Made by world renowned manufacturers

Top hat access flap

For easy periodic cleaning and lubrication of the bed drive coupling

Cutter bar

Failure-free bar equipped with safety device on each of seven discs

Hydraulic cylinder

For easy lifting and transport of the machine. Single-acting

Double swath wheels

Standard equipment, quick and easy swath width adjustment

Quick hitch “A” frame

Standard equipment, allows for quick aggregation to the tractor

Sprung floating suspension system

Limits the pressure of the cutter bar onto the ground and allows to follow ground contours perfectly

Technical Specifications

Working width [mm] 3000
Number of discs [pcs] 7
Number of cutters [pcs] 14
Double swath wheels [pcs] 2
Working efficiency [ha/h] 3,5
PTO speed [rpm] 1000
Hitch category II
Power requirement [HP] 80
Weight [kg] 975


  • 2 PTO shafts (880 nm version with friction clutch and 620 nm version with one-way clutch)
  • Quick-hitch frame
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Protective tarpaulin
  • Blade quick-change spanner
  • Box of spare blades
  • Double swath wheels