Grab shovel - Metal-Fach

Wide range of applications

The Grab Shovel suitable for use with a front loader can be used in the agricultural industry, in forestry, and is also ideal for municipal services management.


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    Questions? We are here to answer your questions.

      Grab shovel

      1,05 m3
      1800 MM
      Weight of equipment

      460 KG

      360o animation

      Take a closer look

      Explore the Bale Grabber from all sides with a 360o animation.

      Robust design

      The Grab Shovel is distinguished by its robust and reliable construction. The components are cut from high quality structural sheet metal. Specially shaped tines made of high strength steel make it easy to extract material, press down and push into the bucket. The robust construction of the equipment guarantees many years of operation.

      Functional shovel

      The full-bottom Shovel enables the material to be completely collected and prevents it from falling out during transportation. Thanks to the removable sides, the unit has significantly increased loading capacity for longer objects.

      Durable blade

      The bucket blade is made of abrasion- and wear-resistant Hardox steel with increased durability.

      Technical specification


      Equipment Grab shovel
      Width [mm]
      Volume [m3]
      Weight of equipment [kg]
      It is possible to apply a different type of attachment than the EURO-style.

      Photo gallery

      Grab shovel

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