T020 Tytan Treble-axle Platform Trailer for Bales - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

T020 Tytan Treble-axle Platform Trailer for Bales

The largest in the Metal-Fach trailer range dedicated to the transporting of bales. With a maximum load of more than 20 tonnes, 32 bales can be carried in 2 rows. The rear extension frame, which increases the loading capacity of the trailer, is adjustable in 4 settings every 150 mm. The platform is protected with two movable sideboards made of round sections, which can be fitted in 4 settings. The trailer's side edges are specially profiled. Its floor is made of durable corrugated sheet metal. The parabolic spring suspension provides comfort of use. The T020 model is a 3-axle platform with a turntable. It has a drawbar with a 40 mm eye. The trailer features appropriate safety systems, both in terms of transporting and loading or unloading. The trailer is fitted with a parking hand brake with a crank, a dual-circuit pneumatic brake system, 2 wheel chocks stored in galvanized pockets, and two ratchet devices for winding wires or belts to provide extra safeguard for the load.

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity [kg] 17 750
Weight [kg] 3750
Total length / Total width / Total height [mm] 11 945-12 545 / 2500 / 3180
Length / Width / Height of cargo space [mm] 9810-10 410 / 2340 / 2030
Cargo space height from ground [mm] 1150
Volume [quantity of bales] 36


  • 2 movable straight side walls
  • chains supporting the side walls
  • manual parking brake
  • draft pole type Y 2350
  • tyres 455/40 R22,5
  • drawbar eye Φ40mm
  • wheel chocks 2 pcs.
  • 2-line pneumatic brake
  • rear protection against run over
  • ladder
  • Domex chassis
  • 2 configuration of side walls location, marker lights
  • metal lamp covers
  • possibility of extending the loading space


  • hydraulic brake (without PL homologation) - alternatively
  • hydraulic & pneumatic brake (without PL homologation) - extra charge
  • hydraulic & pneumatic brake with ALB (without PL homologation) - extra charge*
  • tyres 445/45 R19.5, 6 pcs. - extra charge
  • plastic fenders (6 pcs.)
  • mud flap (6pcs.)
  • protection against other vehicles
  • plastic tool box
  • water tank with soap container
  • stanchions 10 pcs.
  • color other than standard - extra charge