T466 Suspended Loader - METAL-FACH Sp. z o.o.

T466 Suspended Loader

The T466 suspended loader is designed for lifting and unloading Big-Bag fertiliser bags. It is also used for direct filling the loading box of fertiliser spreaders.

High durability

The loader is made of high-quality and robust structural steel.

For class 2 tractors

The implement is designed for coupling with a class 2 tractor. It can work with class 3 tractors being coupled by means of a special adapter.

No limits

The arm can be extended to a length of 800 mm.

Perfect combination

The equipment can be attached to the tractor together with the fertiliser spreader.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Capacity [kg] 1000
Weight [kg] 350
Width [mm] 1160
Length [mm] 2126
Length with extended arm [mm] 2926
Type of support parking jack
Coupling to tractor Pins
Control joystick
Transport speed [km/h] 15


  • parking jack
  • durable hook
  • arm extending to 800mm

  • may be hitched to a tractor along with a fertiliser spreader
  • 2 pairs of hydraulic quicks