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  • Spring-type cultivator U457 – 4,0 m

    In 2017 Metal-Fach’s portfolio was expanded with a new 4 m cultivator, which thanks to additional accessories may work in a team, in order to double the service width and improve the performance.
    U457 may be optionally upgraded with wheel track openers spring-loaded protection. The leveller is installed behind tubular rollers of the cultivator, which effectively levels the field.
    The machine has rear tubular roller which rebuilds the soil surface. Additional accessories include side screens, preventing ingress of soil during field works.
    The Cultivator U457 is fitted with 36 teeth in 3 rows. Such a solution should satisfy the requirements of most demanding users with regard to the degree of soil opening. The maximum service depth of the machine is 13 cm and the maximum service speed in 15 km/h. The machine requires a tractor with power output at least 130 KM. Also available in variant with 36 mm hitch.
    U457 has two rows of tubular rollers dia. 330 mm, as well as a much larger Croskill roller dia. 500 mm, which leaves raster area of the filed and ensures re-consolidation of soil.
    Machine weight, in the suspended version, is nearly 2 tonnes.

    • EFFECTIVE: two cultivators may work a one, in team, extending the service width to 8 metres
    • PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS: Th cultivator may be upgraded with wheel trace openers fitted with spring-loaded protections
    • DETAILS MATTER: the leveller installed behind rollers ensure proper levelling of the filed

  • Item Type U457 U910 + U457 set
    1 Service Width/Height/Length [mm] 4000/1350/2820 8000/4000/6430
    2 Transport Width/Height/Length [mm] 4000/1350/2820 3000/4000/6430
    3 Frame to ground clearance [mm] 400 400
    4 Frame type Suspended, rigid Hydraulic folded
    5 Adjustment of service depth Mechanical Mechanical+Hydraulic
    6 No. of tines [pcs] 36 72
    7 Dimensions of working parts [mm] 32×12 32×12
    8 No. of tine rows [pcs.] 3 3
    9 Depth adjustment range [cm] 13 13
    10 Tine spacing [mm] 110 110
    11 Service speed [km/h] 9-15 9-15
    12 Power demand [HP] 110–130 240-340
    13 Hitch category III. III.
    14 Hitch diameter [mm] Ø36  Ø58***
    15 Shaft type and diameter [mm] front tubular
    rear tubular
    Crosskill Ø500
    front tubular
    rear tubular
    Crosskill Ø500
    16 Weight – suspended version [kg] 1990* 9600
    Optional equipment
    17 Side screens V V


    V standard
    • optional
    * – with tubular shaft
    ** – with dual, tubular and Crosskill shaft
    *** – possible mating with the tractor via hitch sleeve