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All our machines are primer-coated to guarantee improved product quality!

Pre-treatment and coating of metal surfaces at the Paint Coating Department at Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o.
All component parts are abrasive or vibration blasted to remove sharp edges and scale before being delivered to the welding shop. All material welded after being pre-treated in this way features welds of better quality. The welded intermediate components leave the welding shop for another cycle of abrasive blasting. The material is cleaned to Level Sa 2.5 and then passed to one of the three processes in the paint shop: spray painting, powder coating and phosphating, or cataphoretic powder coating based on the phenomenon of cataphoresis. The latter process allows improved coating of components having complex shapes, making it very popular in the automotive industry. The paint coating processes are quality controlled by the in-house laboratory to ensure that the coated components meet the required specification.

Awards and distinctions


  1. Distinction in the Forbes Diamonds 2010 ranking in the category of companies with the profit range between 50-250 million PLN in the podlasie region.
  2. “Wyrob na medal” (Medal product) The Przemyslowy Instytut Maszyn Rolniczych award for the N267 family of spreaders.
  3. “Business Ambassador – Podlasie 2008” award given to Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o from Sokolka. This award was in the category “greatest growth of employment”.
  4. Bronze Statue “Staff friendly Employer” 2007 to Jacek Kucharewicz, president of Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o. in Sokolka.
  5. First place and the tile of “Gazela Biznesu” – Podlasie 2006 in the competition organized by the editor of “Puls Biznesu” of the most dynamically developing Polish companies.
  6. Distinction of the Vice-president of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Agriculture and Farming Development, Andrzej Leper for “introduction of modern technical solution in Feeder Wagons BEL-MIX T-659” on the All-Polish Harvest in Jasnogora 2006.
  7. Gold Medal for the T659 Feeder Wagons on the IV International Fair in Poznan Livestock Farm 2006
  8. Honorary medal “Meritorious to Agriculture” given to Jacek Kucharewicz, president of the company, awarded by the Minister of Agriculture and Farming Development – Wojciech Olejniczak.
  9. The title “Agrobusiness of the Year 2004” given to the company president Jacek Kucharewicz in the competition organized by the monthly magazine AgroBazar, under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture.
  10. “European Medal 2004” for the Z-562 baler in the competition organized by the Urzad Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej i Business Center Club.
  11. “Audience Hit” distinction of the public in the competition organized at the MTP Polagra Farm 2004.
  12. “Gold Medal” for the technology line for the production of silage (Baler and Wrapper) at the International Fair in Poznan Polagra Farm 2004.
  13. Special mention “Product of European Standard” for the Z-562 baler at the International Fair AGRO-TECH in Minikowo 2004.
  14. First Place and the title “Business Ambasador – Podlasie 2004”
  15. Diploma of the Marshall of the Podlasie Voivodeship for promoting the voivodeship during the POLEXPORT Fair in Kaliningrad 2004.
  16. The Starost of Sokolka Cup for overall achievement in business, dynamism and company development – Harvest Festival Powiat-Gmina 2003.
  17. The most attractive stand at the X Annual Show and Days of Agricultural Consulting – Szepietowo 2003.
  18. Distinction of the Minister of Agriculture for ” Original construction solutions of the rolling chamber of the Z-562 baler” at the All Poland Harvest Fair in Jasnogora.
  19. “Laureat Krajowy Agroligi 2003” – a special award of the President of Agricultural Market Agency.
  20. The Gazeta Wspolczesna award for first place in the plebiscite “Podlaska Agroliga 2003”
  21. Gaining the title of “Mistrz Podlaskiej Agroligi 2003” in the company category.
  22. Distinction for the greatest growth of employment in the competition “Business Ambasador – Podlasie 2003.


Safety Seals

1. KRUS Safety Seal Baler Z562, awarded in 2004.

2. KRUS Safety Seal – Front loaders T229, awarded in 2005.

3. KRUS Safety Seal – Self-loading Bale wrapper Z577, awarded in 2006.

4. KRUS Safety Seal – Feeder Wagons T659, awarded in 2006.