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  • Baler Z602 RN

    Z602 RN is a roller and chain type of baler. It produces bales with a diameter and width of 1,200 mm. The permitted weight of a single bale, depending on type of material, is in the range of 100 to 600 kg. The equipment weighs 2,850 kg. What makes the baler stand out, is its simple and intuitive controls, in the form of clear electronic control panel. The baler design comprises roller and finer pickup, width 1,800 mm, which improves baler performance. The rotating unit feeding the material naturally, forces uniform feeding of material to the baling chamber, which further improves the performance and production rate. The height of each pickup wheel is adjustable. The special feature is bale ejection system, which involves the rear gate – the ejector located there enable closure of the rear gate after the discharge of bales without the need to move away from the discharged bale – such a solution effectively improves baler performance. Z602 baler has sturdy, solid and durable mechanical design and strong composite guard. 13 blades are individually secured against mechanical damage. Baler drawbar is adjustable. Regulation road lights enable safe transport of the machine on public roads.

    • EFFECTIVE: the baler discharges bales from the rear gate area, improving the production rate
    • SAFE: blades are secured individually
    • SOLID: baler enclosure is made of composite material
    • EASY CONTROL: electronic controls enable focusing on work at hand and not on controls
    • FORWARD! Regulation road lights enable transport on public roads
    • UNIFORM: The rotary feeding system of the baler ensures uniform feeding of material
    • ALL-TERRAIN: wide tyres enable off-road operation

  • Item Type Z602 RN
     Machine dimensions:
    1 Length [mm] 4260
    2 Width [mm] 2540
    3 Height [mm] 2425
    4 Weight [kg] 3050
     Requirements for tractor:
    5 PIC power demand [kW/KM] 50/68
    6 PTO rotational speed [rpm] 540
    7 Hydraulic connection to tractor 3 connector pairs
    8 Minimum tractor power output [kW] 60
    9 Required tractor hydraulic system pressure [atm./MPa] 140/14
    10 Required oil flow rate [l/min] 25
    11 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
    12 Transport speed [km/h] 40
     Bale characteristics:
    13 Efficiency [pcs./h] 35
    14 Bale width [mm] 1200
    15 Bale diameter [mm] 1200
    16 Bale weight [kg] 100-600
    17 Rolling chamber type cylinder constant displacement chain baler
    18 Bale density variable
    19 Net wrapping system V
    20 Chamber feeding system Pickup and rotor feeder (rotor+knives)
    21 Pickup type drum-pin, 4 beams
    22 Pickup width [mm] 1800
    23 Service collecting width [mm] 1520
    24 No. of pickup pins 44
    25 Size 400/60/-15.5
    26 Tyre pressure [kPa] 250
     Cutting unit
    27 Feeding rotor star-type with 3 vertices
    28 No. of shredder blades [pcs.] 13
    29 Design cutting length [mm] 85
    30 Knife protection spring-type for each blade
     Optional equipment
    33 Chain central lubrication  ●
    34 Wide-angle PTO shaft  ●
    35 Wide-angle PTO with shaft with automatic coupling  ●


    V standard
    • optional