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  • Chain Baler Z587

    The Z587 chain baler is intended for collecting and baling plant material like hay, dry grass and straw into cylindrical bales.
    Thanks to its technical design, the machine can produce bales 1.2 m in width and diameter. The baler design is based on a simple and reliable concept with a collector and a chain baling chamber to ensure operating flexibility across various harvesting conditions. The chain baling chamber features 33 bars. The compaction ratio can be adjusted smoothly according to individual needs. The baler can be coupled to tractors with a rated power of 40 HP minimum via the lower hitch. The standard accessories include a cord wrapping system with 2-level wrapping coil spacing adjustment. The single bale weight depends on the harvested material and may range from 100 kg to as much as 600 kg (for green fodder). The machine features an easy to use support foot and an electronic control panel for direct control from the tractor cab. The new Metal-Fach baler can be optionally equipped with a net wrapping system for improved work efficiency by reduction of the wrapping time. Nets protect the material from humidity better and reduce wear and tear on the baler. The machine can be coupled with popular types of 60 HP tractors.

    • UNIVERSAL: designed for all types of harvestable materials: hay, straw and grass.
    • HANDY BALES: the baling process produces bales 1.2 m in width and diameter for easier storage.
    • RELIABLE DESIGN: the chain baling chamber assures reliable and non-stop processing in various field conditions.
    • EASY SERVICING: the durable and easy technology makes operation and servicing a breeze.
    • CONTROL THE COMPACTION RATIO: the compaction ratio can be smoothly adjusted according to individual needs.
    • SIMPLE CONTROLS: based on a digital control panel.
    • CORD AND NET: the baler can accommodate both cord and net wrapping systems.
    • DECIDE HOW YOU WORK: the machine can run in the easy, automated mode or a more controlled, manual control mode, as you please.
    • HIGH CAPACITY: the drum and finger pickup increases work efficiency.
    • SAFETY: the press has a hydraulic baling chamber lock.


  • Item no. Type Z587
    Machine dimensions:
    1 Length [mm] 4325
    2 Width [mm] 2540
    3 Height [mm] 2200
    4 Weight [kg] 2555
    Tractor requirements:
    5 PTO power demand [kW/KM] 37/50
    6 PTO rotational speed [rpm] 540
    7 Hydraulic connection to tractor 1 double-action directional control valve,

    1 single-action directional control valve

    8 Minimum tractor power output [kW] 40
    9 Required tractor hydraulic system pressure [Atm./MPa] 140/14
    10 Required oil flow rate [l/min] 25
    11 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
    12 Transport speed [km/h] 40
    Bale characteristics:
    13 Yield [pcs./h] 20-35
    14 Bale width [mm] 1200
    15 Bale diameter [mm] 1200
    16 Bale weight [kg] 100-600
    17 Rolling chamber type fixed chamber chain baler
    18 Bale density variable
    19 Net wrapping system
    20 Twine wrapping system V
    21 Twine wrapping spacing adjustment 2 increments
    22 Chamber feed system pick-up and fork feeder
    23 Pickup type drum-tine, 4 bars
    24 Pickup width [mm] 1800
    25 Working collecting width [mm] 1520
    26 Number of pickup pins 44
    27 Size 400/60-15.5 14PR
    28 Tyre pressure [kPa] 250
    29 Chain central lubrication
    30 Wide – angle PTO shaft
    31 Wide – angle PTO shaft with automatic coupling

    V standard
    • optional