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  • Z514 variable baler

    The Z514 variable chamber baler is equipped with a belt retractor to form bales of 0.9 -1.6 m in size. The machine has an independent hydraulic system to control the change of bale density. The feeding unit of the baler is equipped with a drum-finger, four-beam pick-up with mechanical adjustment of the working height. It features up to 10 settings, which enable precise adjustment to your specific needs. The distance between the pick-up fingers is 1.89 m and the total width is 2 m. The standard equipment includes a swath roller hold down, which facilitates the transfer of material through the pick-up to the rotor. The baler is equipped with a high-performance rotor with a double safety device to prevent clogging. In the case of minor clogging, the machine is protected by an automatic flexible floor-tilt system. Then, when the feeding unit is completely blocked, it is possible to lower the floor by means of hydraulic cylinders. The collecting and feeding system used in our baler significantly improves the efficiency of the machine and comfort of use. The baler can work with tractors with minimum power of 80 hp, it can be aggregated via the lower or upper transport hitch. The machine allows you to install 2 net rolls with a minimum strength of 275 kg. The wide 500/50 R 17 tyres make it easy to work even in demanding conditions. In addition, the baler is equipped with a wide-angle articulated telescopic shaft with a maintenance-free clutch. The total weight of equipment is 4100 kg.

  • No. Type Z514
    Machine dimensions:
    1 Length [mm] 4700
    2 Width [mm] 2650
    3 Height [mm] 2650
    4 Weight [kg] 4000
    5 Efficiency [pcs./h] 40
    6 PTO rotational speed [rpm] 540
    7 Chamber feeding system pick-up and rotor feeder
    8 Pick-up width [mm] 2000
    9 Tyres 500/50 R17
    Standard equipment
    10 Net-wrapping system V
    11 Control panel V
    12 Parking support V
    13 Plastic guards V
    14 Wide-angle PTO V
    15 Central lubrication of chains and bearings V
    16 Bale ejector V

    V standard
    ● optional