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Front Loaders

The machines boast durable design for years of robust and reliable operation. Excellent durability comes from the drop-forged forks which are a feature of many of these machines. Another solution that improves their service life are the special steel grades used in the production process. The pallet slide fork is made of spring steel that is cold-formed during the production process. Metal-Fach engineers have also included solutions for better working comfort and efficiency. The 700 kg bale grip features a hydraulic lock that ensures the correct clamping pressure during handling. This equipment can be coupled with front loaders, while some devices can be coupled directly to a tractor. Another advantage is the multi-purpose use of several units in this range, like the multifunctional bale grip. It can handle bales by clamping or staking for loading or unloading on or from other machines and vehicles.

Since Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o. is continuously improving its products and adapting its commercial offer to fit the customers’ needs, we reserve the right to modify our products without prior notice. Therefore, we advise contacting an authorised dealer or sales representative of Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o., prior to making your decision about purchase.
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LIFT: 500/500KG – NEW!

The new T812 front loader is the smallest addition to this Metal-Fach product range. The machine is available in two versions: T812/1 and T812/2. The equipment weight is 260 or 190 kg, respectively. The lifting capacity is half a ton.

LIFT: 1300/1600KG

This machine's lifting capacity varies from 1300 to 1600 kg. It integrates a number of solutions to facilitate work. These include the optimum pickup and discharge angles, and a good alignment of the centre of gravity. The frame is compliant with the EURO/SMS standard. The machine is controlled either with a joystick or a 3-sectional DCV. A solid and proven design.

LIFT: 1300/1600KG

The lifting capacity range is 1300-1600 kg. The flat pillar profiles give better visibility for a more precise operation. The concealed hydraulic lines improve operating safety. HS steel structure results in lower weight of the product. A hydraulic accumulator for shock absorption comes as a standard feature.

LIFT: 2000 KG

The T248 front loader is an all-rounder, and it is pretty hard to imagine working on the farm without this device. The equipment is mounted on the tractor frame and offers the superb lifting capacity of 2 tonnes. The machine can handle gravel, fertilizers, lime, manure, potatoes, beetroot, or even chopped wood.

LIFT: 1000 KG

T466 Suspended loader. The machine is intended for lifting and unloading of Big Bags for direct loading of fertiliser spreaders. The machine can be coupled with a tractor along with a fertiliser spreader. The machine is intended for coupling with Class 2 tractors, and adapters are available for Class 3 tractors.