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  • Subsoiling machine U484/0 – 3,0m

    In addition to well-known manure spreaders, grippers, bale wrappers, front loaders, balers and tractor trailers, the Sokółka-base company Metal-Fach also offers subsoiling machines. The newest model has a designation U484/0.
    The subsoiling device is a machine used to disintegrate and open the soil. This process is to enable the development of root systems of plants. The subsoiling process removes the soil of a plough and restores natural circulation of water and air in soil. Such treatment is applied whenever soil is dried, best right after the harvest. The machine may also be used when preparing the soil on which shrubs, fruit trees and plants with deep roots are to be cultivated.
    The toothed cylinder dia 50 cm of the subsoiling machine is designated for levelling soil after opening. Roller teeth leave canals, ensuring the ingress of air and water. The subsoiling machine may be used in all types of soil, thanks to double protection with spring-loaded service parts.
    All engineering parameters of the design meet the requirements of European norms and standards relating to safe operation and HMI. The high effectiveness of subsoiling machines from Metal-Fach was achieved by company designers by adopting modern design techniques.
    U484/0 is 3 m wide, 1.40 m high, and over 2 m long. 6 teeth of the machine open the soil to the depth of 40 cm. Spacing of teeth is 475 mm. The power demand is 180 – 220 HP. Support wheels are offered by the manufacturer as standard.

    • Improve infiltration and enhances soil.
    • Ensures better root development.
    • It is used to deeply open compacted and non-permeable soil layers, and improves circulation of water and air in compacted soil and wetlands soil.
    • Maximum depth of soil opening, 40 cm.

  • Item Type U484/0
    1 Service width [mm]  3000
    2 Transport width [mm]  3000
    3 Transport height [mm]  1440
    4 Transport length [mm]  2110
    5 Working depth [mm]  max 400
    6 No. of tines  6
    7 Tine spacing [mm]  475
    8 Power demand [HP]  180-220
    9 Type of protection  Double spring-loaded protection
    10 Gauge wheels V
    11 Toothed shaft (dia. 500mm)  ●


    V standard
    • optional