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The commercial range from Metal-Fach now includes nearly 60 types and models of bale wrappers, front loaders, accessories, fodder wagons, manure spreaders, cultivators, balers, sharing ploughs and tractor trailers. One of the latest production business lines at Metal-Fach is steel structures for industrial buildings and structures, halls and warehouse units. Metal-Fach’s products boast modern styling, durability and ease of service. The engineering team is constantly improving the technical solutions applied in the equipment on offer. This is the source of innovative materials and parts which upgrade work efficiency, safety and comfort. A number of Metal-Fach machines has been awarded the KRUS mark, a testimony to their high quality. Metal-Fach operates a large chains of Dealerships and a Factory Service Centre. The customers can rely on professional service, warranty and post-warranty assistance, plus an easy access to spare parts.

Since Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o. is continuously improving its products and adapting its commercial offer to fit the customers’ needs, we reserve the right to modify our products without prior notice. Therefore, we advise contacting an authorised dealer or sales representative of Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o., prior to making your decision about purchase.
Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o. will not accept any complaints, regarding the data and pictures contained in the catalogue, as the presented offer shall not constitute an offer, within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.
The pictures do not necessarily show standard accessories.



The Metal-Fach balers are available from the extensive Dealership chain. We assure professional service, warranty and post-warranty assistance, plus an easy access to spare parts. We also offer the assistance of our Factory Service Centre. Our customers can enjoy the guaranteed fast and easy access to spare parts.


The machines wrap single bales. The models are intended for stationary operation. Metal-Fach offers several types of this equipment. Simple design and easy serviceability are their primary highlights. Their production includes state-of-the art solutions and durable materials. The machines are designed for operation at low tractor engine power output.


The accessories are mounted on the tractor frame. They are designed for loading and unloading gravel, mineral fertilizers, potatoes or wood. Aside from that, they come handy in other handling operations. The latest manufacturing technologies and modern styling are their common denominator.


The Metal-Fach product range includes over 20 types of accessories for front loader. They include bale grips, bulk buckets, manure and hay forks, as well as snow ploughs. Indeed, they are a must-have on every farm.


The feeder wagons are intended for preparation, transport and dosing of bulky and nutritive feeds directly to cattle feeding stations. Metal-Fach carries several vehicles of this type with various loading capacities. The range spans from 5 to 28 cubic metres.


You can choose from 10 manure spreaders of different loading capacities and other features. However, all of them boast advanced manufacturing technology, modern styling and many features to make their operation easy, safe and efficient.


The farming trailers cover one of the largest product lines in our range. Over 20 vehicles are available. Some are light and highly manoeuvrable, while others are true mammoths. We can deliver trailers for all farming needs. All models come with a robust and durable design.


Metal-Fach offers five disc cultivators: U740, U740/1, U741, U710, and U710/1. The machines are designed for coupling with seeders. The available working width range is from 3 to 6 metres. All cultivators come with 24 discs.


Metal-Fach offers cultivator with prongs or teeth. The machines are intended for pre-seeding cultivation of soil after ploughing, feature integrated hydraulic power packs and seeder coupling capability. The working width is 3 m.


Metal-Fach has just expanded its range with a new rotary plough line. Depending on your demands, you can choose from 4 or 5-furrow ploughs with safety shear screws or a fixed hydraulic overload protection. All models feature the H4S helical mouldboard, 2 hydraulic power ports, ploughing with adjustment and steel frames.


Rear mounted disc mowers, made by MF, was developed in response of growing customer needs. Z011 is based on newest technologies and high quality materials, which improve working comfort. Mowers are made in four working widths: 2,1m 2,5m 2,8m 3,2m.