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We offer our services on:

CNC lathes
CNC lathes allow us to obtain very good surface roughness. Contour turning is also possible (radius, ball turning), as well as straight, tapered and trapezoidal threading etc. CNC lathes are fitted with a tool magazine. You can use them to turn work pieces with a diameter of up to 250 mm and a length of up to 600 mm.
Vertical machining centres
These types of machine tools are digitally controlled milling machines equipped with tool magazines. They are designed for machining metal. Upon setting digitally controlled program sequence, the machines can automatically machine surfaces by milling, drilling, threading and boring to achieve a desired shape for a work piece.
VMC-1050 VMC-1600
Table working surface (mm): 585×1000 715×1600
Maximum diameter: ø 80 ø 80
Conventional lathes
Turning of work pieces with a diameter of up to 600 mm and a length of up to 2,000 mm. Drilling, boring, chambering, thread cutting etc.
All purpose, horizontal and vertical milling machines
Cutting grooves, contour milling, surface machining etc.
Gear hobbing machines
Hobbing gears with a diameter of up to 500 mm and module 10
Drilling machines
Broaching and gear shaping machines