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Laser cutting

Laser cutters with a power of 3,000 W for cutting sheet metal into any shape from 1,500 × 3,000 mm sheets with a max. thickness of:
up to 20 mm for carbon steel
up to 12 mm for stainless steel
up to 8 mm for aluminium

3D laser processing of tubes and sections

We offer services on a 3D laser for the processing of pipes and sections. The cutting head enables very precise cutting of contours, which would not be possible in conventional pipe machining. Pipes and sections with a length of up to 12 m are fed automatically into the laser, which ensures a very fast procedure. The process enables cutting or cutting to size according to any contour (machining to a specified length), which would not be possible with the use of conventional machine tools such as saws, but would cause increased costs and workload, including the use of additional machines, such as: saws, drills, mills etc.

Dimensions of the work piece
Length of raw material: up to 12 m
Wall thickness: up to 20 mm
Round material dimensions: up to 300 mm