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  • Manure spreader N276 – 8t

    Manure spreaders are the most popular product in the extensive portfolio of Sokółka-based company Metal – Fach, and this is why new models keep appearing. One of the new models, soon to be introduced to the market, is N276 FALCON in 8T variant.
    The characteristics of the FALCON manure spreader include uniform spreading of manure in the range 8 to 12 metres. Spread volume can be adjusted with a hydraulic-powered rear gate. Coupling with the tractor occurs at 1000 rpm.
    The FALCON undercarriage is mounted on a rigid axle. This model features a reinforced floor conveyor with two floor chains, each link 14 mm thick.
    The machine is fitted with a hydraulic drive of the floor conveyor, which enables effective speed control. Conveyor chains are tensioned with tension screws. A dedicated spreader adapter enables spreading all kinds of manure, peet and compost. The machine is coupled with the tractor by the adjustable lower hitch.
    Metal – Fach designers who developed this machine also considered the integration of overload protection, in the form of friction clutch..
    The manure spreader is also fitted with dedicated folding ladder, enabling easy access to the load-carrying body. Brake system is available in pneumatic or hydraulic variant, as per customer’s choice. Obviously, a FALCON is also fitted with a manual brake..
    The manure spreader maximum speed is 40 km/h and load capacity is 8,000 kg. The load-carrying body volume is 9.5 m3, and internal length is 4,725 mm. The minimum power demand of the tractor is 90 kM.

    • HIGH LOAD-CARRYING CAPACITY: sturdy and well-thought design makes the machine carry 8 tonnes of the manure.
    • COMFORT OF WORK: Each drum is well-balanced, to minimize vibrations during operation. Belts are powered hydraulically.
    • CONVENIENCE: Spread volume can be adjusted with a hydraulic-powered rear gate. Coupling with the tractor occurs at 1000 rpm.

  • Item Type N276
    1 Load capacity [kg] 8000
    2 Load-carrying body capacity [m3] 9.5
    3 Load-carrying body capacity with additional superstructures, height 600 mm [m3] 15.3
     Overall dimensions*
    4 Length [mm] 7700
    5 Width [mm] 2580
    6 Height [mm] 3140
    7 Loading height [mm] 2490
      Loading space dimensions
    8 Length [mm] 4725
    9 Width (bottom/top) [mm] 1500/1950
    10 Height [mm] 1200
    11 Height (w/top section) [mm] 1800
    12 Kerb weight [kg] 4860
    13 Permissible overall weight [kg]
     Requirements for tractor
    14 Power demand [HP] 90
     Adapter characteristics
    15 Type Vertical w/ 2 spreading drums
    16 Adapter weight [kg] 920
    17 Adapter drive Tractor PTO (1000 rpm)
    18 Adapter telescopic jointed shaft V
     Machine characteristics
    20 Spreading width [m] 8 to 12
    21 Wheel system single rigid axle
    22 Wheel track [mm] 2100
    23 Tyres 520/85R38
    24 Design speed 40 km/h
     Electrical system
    25 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
     Optional equipment
    26 Scissor foot  ●
    27 Tyres ● 500/85R30
    28 Set of top-structures  ●
    29 Wide-angle shaft  ●


    V standard
    • optional
    * This value may change after optional equipment is installed