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  • Farming trailer T930 – 6t

    The handy lightweight T930 half-pipe body trailer can carry up to 6 tonnes. The trailer is built with a cradle body. The body can be tipped to the rear only, but the tipping angle is impressive and almost reaches 90°. The unloading tipping is driven by two sturdy hydraulic cylinders. The vehicle has a complete electrical system that permits use on public roads. The 385/65 R22.5 tyres enable safe operation on waterlogged and peaty land. The trailer has a mono-axle wheel system, a pneumatic brake and a mechanically driven support foot. The vehicle also features a hand-operated parking brake.

    • COMPACT: The small size facilitates manoeuvring and transport of loads
    • SUITED FOR SPECIAL TASKS: The tyres help the trailer perform well in difficult terrain, i.e. on marshy and peaty land
    • ROADWORTHY: The complete electrical system features all the lamps required for use on public roads
    • EFFICIENT: The staggering tipping angle facilitates easy unloading. The tipping mechanism is operated by hydraulic rams


  • Item Type T930
    1 Technical [kg] 6 000
    2 Certification [kg] 6000
    Gross combined weight
    3 Technical [kg] 7900
    4 Certification [kg] 7900
    Machine characteristics
    5 Load capacity [m3] 7.5
    6 Kerb weight [kg] 1900
    7 Wheel size 385/65 R22.5
    8 Wheel track [mm] 2050
    9 Wheel system single axle
    10 Floor thickness [mm] 5
    11 Body metal sheet thickness [mm] 4
    Body size
    12 Length [mm] 4390
    13 Width [mm] 2040
    14 Height [mm] 1300
    Total dimensions
    15 Total length [mm] 5150
    16 Total width [mm] 2480
    17 Total height [mm] 2025
    18 Tipper rear
    19 Tipping angle 870
    20 Parking V
    21 Pneumatic V

    V standard
    ● optional