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  • Farming Trailer T957 – 5T

    Sokółka-based company Metal–Fach offers a number of trailer models, varying in parameters and applications. They may be used in farming, construction or community services. The latest model is one-axle T957, with a load capacity of as much as 5 tonnes.
    The machine features sturdy and reliable design, and precision of execution. Metal – Fach professionals made sure that the trailer offers high comfort of use.
    Trailer T957 is furnished with numerous standard accessories, as compared with competitors, which makes it the trailer of choice. Trailer T957 offers, as standard, central side board locking system and adjustable support foot with a wheel. Those who decided on buying the basic variant may choose the type of brake. We offer hydraulic brake, pneumatic brake and overrunning brake.
    The trailer is over 6 m long and 2.25 m wide. The maximum height of the trailer is over 3 m, depending on configuration of side boards and top-structures. Its capacity is impressive. You can load as much as 5 tonnes on one-axle trailer. Boards and the floor are executed in high quality metal sheets, which makes the structure safe and durable.
    The trailer, recommended by representatives of Metal – Fach, features a load-carrying body with 3-way discharge. The undercarriage chassis is triangular and made in closed profiles. The trailer’s drawbar is fitted with an adjustable hitch adapter, which enables height adjustment in the range 740-1040 mm from the ground. The drawbar hitch eye is screwed-in type – standard Ø40mm, optionally Ø50 mm.
    The hydraulic discharge system is supplied from the tractor’s hydraulic system. Comfort and safety of use are ensured by a brake system in dual-line pneumatic, hydraulic or overrunning variant. In addition, this model is furnished with an extendable ladder and side board steps facilitating access to the load-carrying body. There is also a chimney damper with a chassis-mounted chute. Another benefit, especially for aesthetically gifted, is the possibility of choosing colour option.

    • COMFORT AND SAFETY OF USE: ensured by pneumatic, hydraulic or overrunning brake system.
    • DURABLE: Side panels and floor are made of durable metal sheets, the thickness of which ensures long life and lightweight structure.
    • CUSTOMIZED: The customer may choose a colour.

  • 1 DMC 7180 kg
    2 Load capacity 5000 kg
    3 Kerb weight 2180 kg
    4 Load-carrying space, min./ma. 4.46/9.8 m3
    5 Load-carrying body Length/Height/Width 4195/ 2130/ 600 mm
    6 Overall dimensions: length 6230 mm
    7 Overall dimensions: width 2550 mm
    8 Overall dimensions height 3150 mm
    9 Load-carrying body height 600+500 mm
    10 Loading body metal sheet thickness 4 mm
    11 Floor height from the load-carrying body 1050 (400/60 R15.5 wheels) mm
    12 Wheel spacing 1580 – 1760 mm mm
    13 Suspension Rigid
    14 Tyres, standard 400/60 R15.5
    15 Tyres, optional 500/50 R17
    400/60 R15.3
    400/60 R15.5
    14/65 R16
    360/65 R16
    500/50 R17
    445/45 R19.5
    455/40 R22.5
    16 Drawbar hitch-ring load 1000 kg
    17 Permitted speed 40 km/h
    18 Min. power demand 44/60 KW/KM


    V standard
    ● optional