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  • Platform trailers for bales T955 – 7,2 & 10t

    The platform trailer features a tandem suspension system and a maximum capacity of just over 7 tonnes. The platform can carry 18 bales in 2 rows. The loading space can be increased by a further 800 mm by sliding out the rear section. In this configuration, the trailer can carry 22 bales in 2 rows. The two foldable side walls are held by chain stays. The trailer comes complete with electrical wiring for hitching up a second trailer. The trailer has a rotary tail coupling. It also features parabolic suspension springs. The platform is secured with a hand-operated parking brake and a hydraulic support foot, and the tow bar has a transverse parabolic suspension spring. The loading and unloading safety is ensured by 2 wheel chocks that can be stowed in two zinc-plated holders. The tow bar hitch ring height is 530 mm. The trailer can be finished in a custom colour on request.
    The T955 platform trailer is also available in a more capable 10 tonne version. The bigger load capacity make this variant larger than the 7 tonne trailer. Aside from the overall dimensions and higher maximum load capacity, the 10 tonne variant is identical to its smaller 7 tonne counterpart. All other parameters and equipment options are the same.

    • CONVENIENT: The platform can accommodate 18 bales in two rows. The loading space can be extended by 800 mm to carry 4 more bales.
    • SAFE: The trailer features a hydraulic support foot, a hand-operated parking brake and road lamps. The loading surface envelope features special side rims that prevent the load from sliding off the platform.
    • USEFUL: The trailer has two collapsible side walls secured by chain stays
    • CONVENIENT: The tow bar with its transverse parabolic spring and the parabolic body suspension system improve the overall ease of use
    • CUSTOMIZED: The trailer colour is customizable to order


  • Item Type  T955/1 T955/2
    1 Load capacity [kg] 7 200 10 000
    2 Gross combined weight [kg] 10 000 12 800
    3 Weight [kg] 2800 2800
    4 Total length /width /height [mm] 8695/ 2480/ 2900 8695/ 2480/ 2900
    5 Cargo space length/width/height [mm] 7385/2330/1700 7385/2330/1700
    6 Cargo space height from ground [mm] 1160 1160
    7 Body capacity [bale number] 24 24
    8 Body extension range [mm] 800 800
    9 Support side walls Two Two
    10 Parking brake mechanical, drum-type mechanical, drum-type
    11 Hydraulic brake
    12 Wheel track [mm] 1700 1700
    13 2 wedges for wheels located in galvanised pockets V V
    14 Tyres 400/60-15,3, 500/50-17 400/60-15,3, 500/50-17
    15 Height of drawbar eye [mm] 40 40
    16 Electrical systems with outlets for second trailer V V
    17 Double-section brake system with outlets for second trailer V V
    18 Side wall supporting chains V V
    19 Two-component chemo-hardenable painting materials of high durability and UV resistance V V
    20 Cataphoretic protection of metal surfaces V V

    V standard
    ● optional