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  • Slide flair mower Z315

    The flail side mower Z315 are designed for heavy maintenance of munici¬pal infrastructure, urban greenery, orchards and wooded areas. These machines are used for cutting grass, shredding branches of trees, cut¬ting weeds and undergrowth on greenfield sites.
    Advantages of flail side mower Z315 series:
    • Construction of the machine has been developed in a way that works in the positions and deflections not achievable for competitive ma¬chines available on the market. Mounting the drive gear on the inside of the machine allows mowing already 19 cm from the ground on both sides Application PTO wide, very robust and long arms allow the ma¬chine to work even beyond the periphery of the tractor. In addition, the suspension frame pivotable connection with the tendons of the tractor allows the machine to copy the site.
    • The machine uses a new solution- beater blade holder in the shape of “tears”, which streamlined design reduces resistance during grinding and reduces the risk of damage caused by contact with an obstacle.
    • Protection of the anti inertia, deflecting the cutting unit back over obstructions.
    • Height adjustment by means of a shaft connected to the pressing shoes copying.
    • V-belt tensioner Roller
    • Curtain rubber, which on the one hand, to prevent the disposal of hazardous elements from the mantle, on the other hand provide a free outlet mowing mass.
    • Bilateral, strip gear grinder machine prevents clogging and is easy to exchange, which facilitates exploitation of the machine.
    • Metallurgical materials from which the machine is made of quality are certified and are grade S355MC.
    • Maintenance-free sleeve bearings in rotating components IGUS com¬panies do not require lubrication.
    • Prolonged boom arm allows the whole blade head hanging behind the wheel of the tractor

  • Technical data: Z315 Z315/1 Z315/2
    Mowing width [m] 1,52 1,71 1,95
    Power demand [KM] 70 85 100
    PTO rotation speed [rpm/min] 540 540 540
    Weight [kg] 813 880 932
    No. of flails 24 28 32

    – complete cover
    – hydraulic cylinder
    – height adjustment of swath
    – mechanical fuse
    – PTO shafts