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  • Mower-flail crusher Z313

    The flail shredder Z313 has been designed to meet the high demands of users and the ensure the highest performance and durability. The Z313 is available in 320 cm working width and is a highly comprehensive machine for working in very testing conditions. The Z313 is designed and tested follow¬ing the highest requirements in terms of performance and reliability. Z313 ensures a better quality of residue and easier natural decom¬position.
    The development of this shredder was focused on large scale and in¬tensive farms and as a result the Z313 is ideal for very demanding and specialized contractors. Our machine is excellent for shredding crop residues, chopping straw,maize and sunflower stalks as well as set-aside land. The workrotor is of heavy duty construction being made from pipe with dimensions 219 x 10 mm. The precise balancing of the rotor provides smooth operation without vibration and ensures excellent cutting performance with minimal power requirements. For precise control of the working height, machine is equipped as standard with slides and support wheels (23 x 8,50) rotatable by 180 degrees with two positions: labor and transport. Adjustment of cutting height with support wheels is from 50 to 300 mm.
    The drive is transmitted on both sides of the machine with V-belts,three on each side to prevent slipping in heavy conditions. The flail shredder Z313 is driven from the tractor by PTO Shaft 830 equipped with free-wheel mechanism and shear bolt protection.

    The two-sided drive allows transmission of high torques. The metallic curtain additionally prevents the mown mass from getting out. The specially designed hammer helix provides a high level of operation dynamics with a minimum level of vibration. The option to drive the machine lengthways also facilitates the operation.

  • Technical data: Z313
    Mowing width [m] 3,20
    Power demand [KM] 120
    No. of knives Y/flails 46
    Weight [kg] 1400
    PTO rotation speed [rpm/min] 540

    -PTO shaft -fails 46 pcs
    -supporting wheels
    – metal curtain