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  • Open flail mower Z022

    The Z022 universal flail mower/mulchers are designed to deal with plant residues after harvest and for the shredding of felled branches of trees and shrubs. The Z022 are ideal for fast and effective mulching. The machines come in four working widths of 1,6 m; 2.0 m; 2.5 m and 2.8 m. The robust and well-designed construction ensures trouble-free operation throughout the lifetime of the machine. Cutting height is adjusted via the wheel suspension. Inplace of supporting wheels the Leopard machines can be equipped with a back roller with height adjustment. The machines are equipped with a hydraulic frame shift mechanism. The Leopard comes as standard with a Y shaped knife,but it is possible to use other types of knives or flails. The machine is powered by a tractor PTO shaft with a jointed telescopic shaft (620 Nm, shear bolt). Additionally secured with a shear pin in the PTO shaft.

    The transmission gear is from the reputed Comer company.
    There are belt pulleys mounted on self-centring sleeves that are easy to mount and demount. They also allow transmission of high torques.
    Hydraulic shift in standard L=360mm
    Possibility of mounting on the working shaft Y knives or hammer knives

  • Technical data: Z022 Z022/1 Z022/2 Z022/3
    Mowing width [m] 1,60 2,00 2,50 2,80
    Power demand [KM] 45 55 75 95
    No. of knives Y/ flails 48/24 64/32 80/40 92/46
    Weight [kg] 420 520 610 665
    PTO shaft [Nm] 620 620 830 830

    -PTO shaft
    -4 rows of spring tines

    – knives type Y or fails
    – supporting wheel – roller