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  • Sweeper T814

    Metal-Fach sweeper is used for removing impurities formed on all surfaces. Ideal for sweeping squares, traffic routes and parking facilities which are covered with paving stones, asphalt or concrete. The possibility of mount¬ing to a forklift truck, tractor or loader allows for its use in agriculture, mu¬nicipal and industrial application. A wide range of accessories makes the machine adaptable to the individual needs of even the most demanding customers.
    The Sweeper is a adaptable machine, which can be also used for snow re¬moval during the winter season, by removing the collecting container and move side brush to safety.
    Working widths: 1,50M 1,80M 2,30M
    Basic configuration:
    • Forklift attachment, three point linkage for tractor mounting front cat. I and cat. II, or rear mounting: cat. II and cat. III
    • Main brush Ø 510 The standard brush is steel/PPN mixture. Optional at no extra charge to choose :
    • polypropylene (PPN-pure) or
    • special main brush for snow.
    • Supporting wheels Ø 200x50mm with full aluminium wheel rim.
    • Adjustment wheels A Simple and reliable height adjustment wheels system using a large number of holes and their appropriate combinations without the use of bolts, which often are damaged.
    • Third support wheel-heavy duty wheel(Ø200×50 mm) industrial quality.
    • Hydraulic drive: powerful Gerotormotor (industrial quality) 14 KW. the hydraulic motor and appropriately selected brush revolutions dirt is easily thrown into the collection container. The motor is ideal for cleaning up old and deeply embedded dirt e.g. moss in paving stones.
    • “Pivot system” prevents uneven pressure on the machine, too much pres¬sure is the most common problem for the machine when working on un¬even ground.
    The central pivot allow the sweeper to move (+- 5 degrees) when using a three point linkage system, whilst, the sweeper is fitted to a forklift pal¬let tines this pivot is not available unless you have floating tines. The floating system helps prevent damage to the support wheels and increases there working life
    • Universal frame Mounts allow retrofitting of sweeper( e.g. adding a sec¬ond side brush, water spray installation).
    • CE certification and operating manual
    Optional extra equipment:
    • Attachment to small wheel loaders like: Schaffer, Weideman, Thaler, Fuchs, Avant, etc., Euro frame
    • Water spray system- A electric switch controlled , 175L water tank with external filter and electric pressure pump (12/24 volt), Water spray system is used as dust suppression during the Sweeping operation. A single spray line ( a nozzle every 300mm approx.) is fitted to produce a fine spray into the brush , the position is important to reduce water consumption.
    • Waste collection container (opening and closing with cable emptying)
    • Hydraulic emptying for waste collection container
    • Rotary Side brush Ø 650mm510mm made from polypropylene (PPN-pure) or steel/PPN mixture or steel.
    With rotary side brush the machine sweeps from the curb position. It is mounted in such a way that it allows undulation and lateral movement, when it is working against curb edges.It returns to original position with spring tensioner.
    • Stop valve tap allows hydraulic motor to be stopped when side brush is not required , the side brush unit can be folded up for safety.
    • Water spray system for rotary side brush

  • Technical data: T814 T814/1 T814/2
    Sweeping width [m] 1,5 1,8 2,3
    Drive hydraulic motor – industrial
    Hydraulic efficiency [l/min] 20-25
    Mian sweeping roller [mm] 510
    Roller rotation speed [rpm/min] recommended 100-maks. 150

    -PTO shaft
    – sweeping roller
    – wheels

    -hydraulic tank for waste
    – manual tank for waste
    – adapter to fork lift
    – side sweeper
    – euro frame
    – mounting to loaders