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Metal-Fach carries several types of grips. They vary in weight, load capacity, the grab design and their width. Every customer will find a product that suits their needs. There is also heavier and sturdier equipment available – intended to be used in more challenging conditions and with larger bales. The product portfolio also includes a lightweight grip, whose primary benefit is the special design of the grab. This machine keeps the tractor stable when in operation. The advantage of this entire machine category is the robust and precise workmanship. This precision assures safe handling of the bales covered with film wrap. All grips benefit from durable finish coatings. The machines are powder coated. A number of solutions is integrated to facilitate work. The silage grip, for example, features a solid grab back wall to prevent the handled material from falling. The high-power actuators provide a secure hold over the material.



The machine boasts numerous advantages. The grip picks up, handles, unwinds and loads bales onto bale wrappers. The hydraulic lock ensures the right clamping pressure during handling, and the machine surfaces are preserved with a durable coat. Powder-coated finish. The product requires a tractor with a min. power output of 30 kW. Maximum lifting capacity: 700 kg.