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  • U786 disk-type stubble cultivator, 4,0m

    The new disk cultivator unit, service width 4 m, has 32 toothed disks, dia 620 mm, mounted in two rows. The unit is suitable for coupling in teams of two, in order to double the service width and improve the performance.
    The disk-type stubble cultivator is a modern machine, with integrated independent disk suspension system. Such a solution enables exact following of the soil surface and protects the machine against overload. Maintenance-free hubs of disk blades ensure long-term failure-free operation.
    The special feature is a system of two disk rows, dia 620 mm, which ensure complete and accurate cutting of soil and intense mixing of residue vegetation and straw.
    Engineers from Metal-Fach designed scrapers, right behind disks, with adjustable height and working angle. Such a system enables more uniform spreading of post-harvest waste. In addition, the scrapers improve the control of in-process soil flow.
    The total weight of the unit, in connection with properly set disks, ensures suitable performance under difficult conditions, on dried soil.
    The machine is characterised by significant clearance under the frame, 790 mm, which enables free flow of large quantities of green mass. Maintenance-free diagonal bearing secures the hub against assembly errors and significantly extends its lifecycle.

    • EFFECTIVE OPERATION: the unit may be set-up in team with the second similar machine, in order to extend service width and improve performance
    • SAFETY AND PRECISION: the system of independent disk suspensions enables exact following of the soil surface and secures the machine against overloads
    • DURABILITY: maintenance-free hubs ensure improved durability and minimize the risk of failure
    • ACCURACY: two rows of disks ensure accurate cutting of soil and thorough mixing
    • HEAVY-DUTY: significant weight of the machine, in connection with properly positioned disks ensure effective and safe operation, even under difficult conditions

  • Item Type U786 U910 + U786 set
    1 Service Width/Height/Length [mm] 4000/1450/2900 8000/4000/6430
    2 Transport Width/Height/Length [mm] 4500/1450/2900 3000/4000/6430
    3 Frame to ground clearance [mm] 790 790
    4 Frame type Suspended, rigid Hydraulic folded
    5 Adjustment of service depth Mechanical Mechanical+Hydraulic
    6 Number of discs [pcs] 32 64
    7 Dimensions of working parts [mm]
    • 620
    • 620
    8 No. of disc rows [pcs.] 2 2
    9 Depth adjustment range [cm] 15 15
    10 Disc pitch [mm] 250 250
    11 Service speed [km/h] 9-15 9-15
    12 Power demand [HP] 160-240 280-400
    13 Hitch category III. III.
    14 Hitch diameter [mm]
    • 36
    • 58***
    15 Shaft type and diameter [mm] tubular Ø 600 tubular Ø 600
    16 Weight – suspended version [kg] 3000* 9800
    Optional equipment 
    17 Pipe roller 600mm (2x2m)


    V standard
    ● optional
    * – with tubular shaft
    ** – with dual, tubular and Cross kill shaft
    *** – possible mating with the tractor via hitch sleeve